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Which strain should I enjoy tonight?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by DIPSCHMIDT, Jan 31, 2011.

  1. I'm "vonging" tonight (vaping through bong) and I just cant decide which of my strains to smoke.
  2. You gave us such an extensive list of strains i dont even know what to choose from :smoke:

    Edit: See the poll now, and idunno... i just voted for Grape Ape. I don't think it really matters, i dont know if any of those is sativa, but just decide whether you would like an indica or sativa, and smoke which ever you choose.

  3. Easily lemon,
    It would go good with the bong vape combo for flavor...
  4. lemon. kush strains make you tired
  5. 3-way tie between lemon, sweet island and grape ape... come on guys, ill be medicating in a matter of minutes, lets decide on one! :smoke:
  6. I'll change my vote from Grape Ape to Lemon Kush.

    Its night time, some kush would be bomb. :smoke:
  7. Sweet island skunk was nice..

  8. I was thinking the same thing, however, the lemon kush I got was from a dispensary and my dude said it was 100% sativa. I half-way believe him, because I do feel a little energetic with it, but it smells skunky (which is usually what indica smells like) and I get very tired when I come down off of it.
  9. Dude. Kush is an indica. It is either not Lemon Kush, or not Sativa :smoke:

    Your dude fucking lies if he said that. haha :D

  10. That's the exact thing I said! Well... fuck haha. I think I'll try the lemon. Sativa or indica, both makes me fall asleep anyways haha :devious:

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