Which strain(s) are the most consistantly pungent smelling and tasting?

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    Hello all. This is a post about strains with outstanding smell and taste. Consistently outstanding and pungent in only these two areas.
    Two question for the masses:
    First question:
    In your experience, what is/are the most pungent smelling strain(s)? just tickles the nose like crazy dank, one plant reek up the whole house strong, cant have in your pocket in class strong.
    Scent paranoia isn't an issue. More the better.
    I have a love for the scent of herb. I remember a certain strains in the 90s-00 that reeked and was coated and still super potent...Ive never been able to find a better overall herb since and I have no idea what strain it was. I did have some seeds but they didnt sprout after 10 years of being shelved.
    Second question:
    Which strain(s) do you think has the most pungent taste consistently?
    Like  a  hash flavor and was always sharp on every plant. Anything really tasty. A lot of these high end strains lack a flavor in my experience.
    I'm finding the potency adequate in most strains I try these days, just looking for one(s) that really stands out in the areas of scent and taste.
    My best finds and contributions in these area:
    Best tasting : Delicious seeds Caramelo (lavender x lavender)
    Most powerful scent : Dutch Passions White Widow

  2. I have a love of Original Amnesia. When I grow this, the stank always reaches beyond the boundaries of my tent and carbon filter to give my home that certain 'aroma' .... It is strong man!
  3. Love the taste of Bubba Kush and Lavender.
  4. best tasting - any garlicky raunchy kush i had a kosher and skywalker og that were like that, rainbow jones, casey jones, purple cheddar
    best smelling- cheese, casey jones, white urkle, super lemon haze
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    I actually have rainbow jones finishing off now. Very promising.
    Just grew Flowerbomb and holy grail kush which is og18 x kosher and its good but I want even more tasty. Smell was unimpressive on both of those. (I reviewed them in the big strain review sticky thread)
    I grew original amnesia auto and was not impressed because its an auto and autos dont really impress me any more. Made good bho but the auto made it unimpressive in both of these areas. Im assuming thats not the version of Amnesia you mean. What breeder/seed co. do you suggest?
    Thanks for suggestions, keep them comin
    And did you mean blue dream for smell or taste?
  6. I would throw up blue dream for taste, and a local strain i havent seen again called raw diesel for smell, like straight chemicals, but so dank
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    Thanks for the input.
    I do have a HSO Blue Dream freebie so I may give that a go.
    Curious if you mean the original amnesia feminized from dinafem? Theres quite a few amnesia strains.
    Also have a freebie of HSO chemdawg and Greehouse Bubba Kush fem so I think they may be a good choices to try out.
    Also please suggest your fav trainwreck strain/seed co
  8. I did 3 hso bd and they didn't have much taste..huge yield though
  9. Connoisseur is dropping their gdp s1 and new cookie crosses soon...just got some og chem hope I find something nice...Also archive just had a full drop on seedsman..lots of good strains
  10. Cheese stinks like mad, greenhouse/big buddah seeds do the best version but still not a patch on the uk clone original.
    For taste strawberry sour diesel from devils harvest. Like smoking strawberry syrup...
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    I recently grew tga Dairy Queen which is uk cheese x romulan x cindy and it was heavy on the cheese scent and even tasted like creamy. I got sick of the flavor afer a while though.
    Heres a pic of diary queen
    Funny you mentioned strawberry diesel I just made a cross of strawberry d-lite (srawberry cough x nyc diesel) and caramelo (lavender x lavender)
    so far its still curing but it pretty much may be the one. It reeks like strawberry funk and was my first really sucessful breeding experiment.
    Here it is. I call it shoesberry
    And Im the only one in the world with it :yummy:
    but I got lots of seeds to possibly find an even better pheno. This really is top notch on all levels although I may be biased.
  12. On the note of the bluedream, I definitely meant a blueberry dom pheno, ive had some crappy tasting bd lately.
  13. Greenhouse cheese is clone only version crossed with an Afgan male so it's got a kind of fruitier taste to it than the original. Always fancied the idea of a cheese x strawberry cough myself. Kinda like a strawberry cheese cake! As far as I know strawberry sour diesel is NYC diesel x strawberry cough, so you're gonna get pretty close. Heard of the romulan but never seen it in Europe. Spent a month earlier this year crawling around Amsterdam trying as much as I could. Tried a lot of the lemon varieties but never liked them as much as the strawberry's :hippie:
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    Headband and sour brasi are some of my favorites. I love me a smelly diesel. They always mask everything else. Certain phenos of the sb the bubba really shines.
  15. love the sweet berry phenos ive gotten from urkle pairings.
  16. The strongest smelling and tasting I have ever grown was hands down Lemon Larry.  Even in veg it reeked like lemons, in flower was straight lemon pledge, even over 6+ other strains and a overside filter couldn't keep up.  Opening the jar or grinding any resulted in reeking the house up.
    Best tasting I have ever had was Allkush that had been curing for 6 months.  Was like maple and grape hash.  SUPER resin. 
    uk cheese 
    is strong as fuck i noticed mine being smoke 40meters away no joke 
    dont carry it in your pocket move it and it will stink out the class room 
    has to be from exodus cut 
  18. Have to agree with loki cheese is the smelliest 😆
  19. Easy!
    Blueberry seeds from dutch passion
    Craazy ass weed, afterski 5 weeks it showa its original color
    Peace from africa
    Smoke weed Every day!

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