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Which strain of marijuana has the highest average % of thc?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by cody8892000, Sep 2, 2008.

  1. Which strain of weed has the highest thc% youve ever heard of all i could find was Mantanusa Valley Thunderfuck was the strongest.........

    but i also heard that there was some scientist that made some weed that was like two time the thc% or twice as potent as like white widow and diesel shit
    sorry if im not making much since im actually really fucking high right now myself
  2. If g-13 is real I heard 27% percent thc and i have a pic to prove it.
  3. I dont believe any serious studies have been conducted about this.

    If anyone has a source to the contrary, please provide.
  4. Indica - Mazaar (this baby is total comatose (and i aint no light weight smoker imo)

    Sativa - Super Silver Haze (just one of those type of smokes that u get cheek bone pain from laughing so much)
  5. I am pretty damn sure it's real. Check any medical suppliers.
  6. Percentages mean NOTHING, kids, come on now.
  7. yea those %s are all bullshit. no one knows what theyre actually the percent of. thc could never account for 27, 15 or 5 % of the plant because thc exists only minute amounts inside the trichomes of the plant and only in negligable amounts elsewhere in the plant.

    until theres a valid explanation for whatever those percents really mean im pretty sure its just a selling point for seed banks

  8. or a way to "prove" that marijuana is "stronger today than the good ol' herb they smoked back in the day, and so should be outlawed"

    fools, even the former smokers, fall prey to these lies pimp under guises of "schizophrenia" and "delirium."

    And thus, miss Mary J. is illegal to this day
  9. I wouldn't pay to much attention to %. Not only are alot of the studies probably inaccurate, but it also seems like growing conditions would have a large part to play in it so you could never be sure you're getting this % or that %.
  10. yes i already know this and ive heard 500 times.......i was just thinking somebody could show me this knew type of crazy weed ive never heard of before that was like 1 hit and your knees are shakin but alright
  11. I've only ever gotten this effect from some Afghani that I grew a couple of years ago. Afghani is one of the most potent indica strains I've ever had the chance to experience. White Rhino comes close, but good Afghani has a very strong, almost opiate-like buzz. It's definitely some one-hit-quit for sure.
  12. Just like a name is just name (in most cases), even more so is the case with "thc percentages." The name of the strain is obviously known by at least the grower (i hope right?) but honestly why would you believe someone telling you, "bro, this new stuff is so dank, it's 31% thc" ...seriously, how would anyone know that? Do they have thousands of dollars of lab equipment to analyze the smoke/vapor of weed? I highly doubt it. And even if it's from a seed bank listing the "thc percentages" of certain strains, what you actually end up with is all dependant on how it was grown.

    Just learn what to look for in high quality marijuana and don't worry about names or numbers too much.
  13. It mostly depends on how well the plant is grown but you also need good genes to break through the barrier. These strains seem to do best assuming perfect growing conditions. 20%+ is not uncommon.

    Sativa dominant:

    Super Silver Haze (strongest strain I personally tried)
    G-13 Haze
    Sour Diesel

    Indica dom:


    Under less than ideal conditions other strains may be better since they are more hardy.
  14. super silver haze is up there
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    White Widow is supposed to be around 21% or so. Or maybe it was White Russian or Ak-47. Either way, one of them has a lot of THC.

    EDIT: Haha, better not let cachexic see this thread. He's so fuckin' delusional he believes weed can't have higher than 3% THC or something stupid like that. Kid needs to do his research before acting like he's an expert.
  16. #16 cachexic, Sep 2, 2008
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    My head was about to explode from everyone talking about these bogus percentages.
  17. Absolutely ridiculous. Not even worth responding to.

    You're definitely in the right forum. You shouldn't be allowed in Seasoned Tokers if you believe that weed is 30% THC rofl.

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