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Which Strain is This?

Discussion in 'Absolute Beginners' started by phatty, Oct 17, 2002.

  1. anyone any ideas which strain this could possibly be?

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  2. cheap camera so apologies for shitty quality pics...

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  3. I actually thought the oppostite of what you said, but whatever...
  4. Make up your melons.....!

  5. I started growing some plants that a friend gave me and after 2 months they only have 3 leaves. I was wondering have i got some weird and wonderfull strain or have i just wasted two months growing rubbish useless plants?
    Any input would help
  6. spikyorb- what kinda light do you have them under?
  7. Actually it was just me being a twozzer (havent used that in a while). When i said 3 leaves i ment that each pair of leaves only has 3, but i purchased a growing guide and it shows that when thier little they only have 3 on each pair. Its my first time growing you see, and today i noticed that the next pair has 5 little spikes. I do actually need some guideance on where to get lights from but i will put that in a more relelvant thread. Thank you for the help anyway. Spiky
  8. You had better get it (them) under a high intensity light asap !! And as close as poss w/o buring or overheating. And leave the light(s) on 24/7, until forced flowering: you change the cycle to 12/12. And the dark must be pitch black, and uninturupted. A few major tips.
  9. Cheers m8, i have been doing but i cant find anywhere to buy the lights from in england. So im using a few low wattage ones. Plus the prices for over seas lights take the michael. So if someone could help us out, mucho appriciated.
  10. Cheers man
  11. well... what happened- have any luck??

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