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  1. Hello fellow marijuana lovers
    I am looking for a good outdoor strain, the high I enjoy is, happy, euphoric, just a nice happy giggly buzz, I perfer herbies but would use attitude, so which strain do you recommend??
  2. What type of climate? How longs your season? These are important factors too, IMO.
  3. Michigan hot humid summers
  4. Check out most of the OG's, also AK-47, White Widow, Northern Lights. Everyone gets a different effect. Look into Blue Cheese, heard great things about this strain, not sure of its availibilty. Hope I can help with a place to start, and perhaps fellow blades will leave their opinion.
  5. humidity and far north(short season)

    you want something resistant to mold and faster flowering

    from the sounds of it you like sativas correct?
  6. Hey great user name
  7. Thank you i will look into them
  8. Yes maybe with a tad bit of indica
  9. Lol hell yes
  10. ! Herbies Head Shop - Search for timewarp

    my suggestion to you :smoking:

    i hear nothing but good reports on both of them

    that is if you dont mind sexing them before hand
  11. Awesome dont indicas make you tired and couch locked though
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    the bc bud depot time warp is 70 sativa 30 indica

    Very nice sativa high the name fits it

    old guy i used to know grew this strain(bc time warp) for over 12 years and it was some of the nicest outdoor i saw for a few years to come(seen some crazy shit now days haha) its a bc legend for outdoor

    good yield easy to grow and really nice buzz

    as i said id suggest either tho
  13. Kali Mist shoould treat ya right. Can handle the heat and is very pest and mold/mildew resistant plus the highis definitely what your lookingfor very up and trippy quality to it.

  14. yes another good one and shes a pretty good yielder as well
  15. I've heard northern lights takes forever to finish outdoors unless you find some rare fast finishing pheno. But most of the time I've seen people grow it they bitch that it never really finished up.

    OG strains are great though.
  16. Sour Diesel is my favorite strain for what I consider a well balanced euphoric high. Not racy or lazy. Just happy high.

    C99 is great too. She was strong against bud worms and mold. Had a great high. Good yield. The smell and flavor or the buds were like candy pineapple or something tropical sweet. It hardly even smelled like pot. If you are trying to have a stealth grow, this is one strain that won't stink out the whole neighborhood. The OG's and Sour strains are VERY smelly.
  17. I doubt that Kali Mist would finish properly in Michigan's growing season.

  18. true that i was thinking it was 55 days flowering not 70-75 for some reason

    def too long for michigan
  19. i live in the mountains in the southeast united states where there is about 83 inches of rain per year look ing for a high thc content plant
  20. bomb seeds THC bomb. huge yield and thc level somehwere around 25 % !!!:wave:

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