Which strain for first time closet soil grow?

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    I am about to order some seeds online and I would like some recommendations on what you think would be the best strain to grow in a closet under a 250w MH/HPS. looking for a sativa-indica mix, mostly sativa, potent, high yield, under 100$ for 10 seeds, will be doing LST or maybe a scrog. any ideas?:smoke::smoke::smoke:
  2. femaleseeds.nl mix pack.

    steady fems ( no worries about males to pull) and you will get a selection of smoke to choose from.. sadly they are not labeled so it is a bit of a grab bag.

    also if you wait till this weekend you can get some freebies from the attitude seedbank ( Google it, SJ and RMJL do not let us link to em )

    other then that , I would seriously consider looking at the selection form Mandala Seeds. with most a careful consideration to Satori....

  3. im considering feminized skunk#1 or Northern lights. what do you think?
  4. Sk.#1 if your set on Sativa. stinks, will stretch.

    NL not much sativa. not so stinky and good starter strain.

    both can bring in good yields

    good luck
  5. i am going to order the seeds tomorrow but i just cant make up my mind. northern lights sounds good but might be a bit too much indica for me. im thinking maybe Barneys tangerine dream or red dragon? sensi seeds super skunk? nirvana PPP or snow white? any input would be really appreciated im completely fucking lost :)
  6. With Femaleseeds.nl look at Pure AK, Grapefruit or Grapefruit Ice. They also have Bubble Gummer or White Widow X Big Bud but those might be more indica then you want.
  7. WWxBB: smoking that right now.. good yields, not the most potent ( IMHO) but it sure gets the job done. grew without a problem in soil ( 2 week veg from seed in 1 gallons.) 6 plants got me around a qp ( 3 Adams PB jars full). which I thought was pretty good for 1 gallon pots.:smoke: shoot, I only fed em twice with this earthworm tea they keep giving me at the hydro shop. was using a version of vics super soil BTW.

    @ Jed
    you've listed lots of good strains. and by the breeder names, been doing some home work too ( + rep).

    but can you maybe help us with some more specifics? like.. are you looking for Fems or Regs ( assume fems by lamp size) ? can the plants stretch much ? any flavors you have enjoyed ( berry , sugary, musky,citrus, whatever ...) ? what is the longest flower period you think you'll be able to stand ( keep in mind your first few grows, every week after week 5, will feel like a month & veg dont count ;) ...)? that sort of stuff... if you can.

    or fuck it .. go "Pick & Mix". get one of each, and learn to ScroG like a king......

  8. Thanks for sticking around Wharf (not like u need any but + rep:D)

    Ill definetly go with feminized seeds for now since i dont have much space. stretch shouldnt be too much of a problem my closet is 1.8 m high. flower period of around 8-9 weeks should be fine, i just dont want a strain that reaaaally takes its time. What im most concerned with is yield and potency.

    I think ive narrowed it down to the Nirvana indoor mix (master kush, skunk #1, PPP, nirvana special, afghan). Its cheap and id be interested in seeing the differences between strains.
    or Barneys tangerine dream costs a bit more but sounds delicious, probably doesnt yield as much as the northern lights though. decisions...haha

    might start a grow journal when i get those seeds...
  9. sounds like a plan. (a good one)

    Good luck.
  10. White widow it's 60% sativa 40% indica and high in thc
  11. under 100 bucks, closet grow, 250watts...

    Femaleseeds cindy 10 pack, flip um young.
  12. I just recieved the white rhino and a free dinafem blue widow.very fast and discreet attitude seeds
  13. Ive read a few grow reports about the stability of the TD, with most highly discouraged it for a first grow. Smoke reports werent much butter either. I was just looking into this strain.

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