Which store in the United States for all soil, nutes, supplies needs?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by RIghteous, Sep 26, 2010.

  1. Is there any gardening store in the united states that sells quality products?

    I am doing a 12/12 grow with Northern Lights seeds. It will be my first grow attempt.

    I have hard good things about Fox Farm Ocean Forest, of course.
    What kind of flower nutes do I need?

    It will be the same place I buy the pots, scissors, watering containers, ect...

    Or does a place like this exist? I just do not want to order all this stuff online if I can go locally...
  2. I can't really answer that persay, but my first grow i got everything from lowes. They carry no nute potting soil and whatnot, so i got that and went from there.
    Locally for me, there's no option to get FF without driving at least an hour.
    Edit: Sorry, i also meant to say they carry a lot of the other stuff you'll need depending on the store (varies store to store) you just hafta know what you're looking for. (ie - diff. brand, same mix.)
  3. There is a Fox Farm dealer near where I live, and they also sell lights, air filters, ect...

    Anyone know any tried and true nutes, or a brand of nutes they like? Or does it really matter as long as you follow NPK numbers on the package?

    Anyone know a good pH meter that is $50 or less?
  4. get your soil from a local hydro store.. google your area code and hydro stores...

    get the best pen you can afford.. going cheap only hurts you in the long run..

    Bluelab Truncheon Meters

    maybe you can afford this now... but ill make a bet you have this soon...

    getting a cheap pen means calibrating every week

    PH pen, ph up, ph down, ph calibration solution(7.0 or 4.0) and storage solution

    if you get the truncheon meter you don't need the storage solution or the calibration solution

    calibrating every week gets old.. and if you forget or get lazy your plant suffers...

    the hydro shop in my area just got a new type of truncheon that does not even need batteries... you shake the thing and it provides all the batteries you need... crazy.. picking it up next week....

    things to spend money on:good sized tent, huge inline fan, PH pen...... everything else can be done on the cheap...... i wouldn't skimp on the pen
  5. I got most of my supplies at HTG Supply. I know they have locations in MI, PA, and NC.
    I went to a Hydro store in Raleigh for the rest. Good luck.
  6. basically you can get get good soil from lowes and even nutrients but they arent going to the the best. if you go to lowes i would get some vermiculite, regular potting soil no miracle grow, and i would try to find the best nutes in the store but they probably only have miracle grow. if you go to your local store that has the fox farms i would get the fox farms ocean forest and some perlite and go with a 80%fox farms to 20%perlite mix. as far as nutes go you could go organic or you can basically get whatever you what depending on price. fox farms is going to be expense and other brands are going to be cheaper. then i would get a pen and other ph testing stuff like the other people mentioned
  7. Cultivation Station carries everything.
  8. Depending on the state, where are you located?
  9. depending on the state ofcourse but he said in the U.S.
  10. the local shops are great but you really do find the best deals online, I have shopped at HTG, Igrow, and bestdamnhydro. So far bestdamnhydro has been the easiest and best prices. Also HTG has low prices but the quality is not as good.

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