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Which States has the best/worst ganja?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Johhny Dukesup, May 10, 2010.

  1. Tell me about your states weed and compare it to other states reefer.
  2. my weed, so hot it stolen
    your weed, look like gary coleman
  3. in north louisiana, its either ditch weed grown by "gangstahs" , or epicness grown out in the sticks. I need to get a camera that can show off these (many times) no name beautiful ladies
  4. I can tell you one thing, Ky is pretty low on the list. I have had no good pot since I've been here. And you would think, that where people can grow it and shit that it would be plentiful but it's not. It's hard to get a hold of and when you do it's low grade.
  5. All depends on who you know.

    To me, the best weed is the weed you got.
  6. I've been to them all. Every State has top notch weed, but availability, variety, and prices vary widely. The MMJ States just as California have the best availability of decently grown quality stuff though.
  7. You can find great weed, and shitty weed, in every state. It's all in who you know.

  8. my weed, is like supersized
    your weed, look like two fries
  9. My weed, is green and delicious.
    Your weed, tastes fucking vicious.
  10. Or in what you grow ;)
  11. my blunts are filled with very dankly weed
    my eyes stay low like a gay dude in the mens bathroom
  12. My weed, is seedy and brown
    Your weed, makes you a clown
  13. You don't hear the words "Cali weed" at a nauseating rate in rap songs for nothing,

    its that
    its that
    its that

    Colorado and Oregon bring the heat too.

    But in the end it's really not about the state, but about your plug. The collectives are pretty wild because you can get hooked up with wild quality for pretty good prices, but quantity/quality/good price combos are hard to come by as they tax HARD on the ounces at most clubs.
  14. missed a bit.. JOker
  15. If I recall correctly the tax in Cali is $50/ounce. It costs $10 or so per ounce to grow. You do the math. Dispensaries are making mad mad money.
  16. i burn so many trees, smokey the bear hates me

  17. my weed, tasty and dank
    your weed, damn, it stank XD
  18. Let's stay on the topic and keep the rap wars for the forums they belong in, mmmkay?
  19. The trees in Cali are more than just redwoods
    But you can find good weed in just about most hoods.
  20. Now that was on topic and creative. Plus rep to you.

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