Which size container in a small space.

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    Imagine a fictional character. A fictional character that has about 2' x2' to 2.5' x 2' of available space for containers. This imaginary space is 4' x 2' total but has fans. The wall of the shower would be white and all.

    In this "space" the main character has been using no more than 4 plants, each in 2 gallon containers. The maximum height available to the plants in this fictional story is about 2' to 2.5'.

    To finish this part of the book the character needs to know if this is enough room for 3 gallon containers and would that be overkill for plants under 3'? Would 2 gallon pots be enough for a 2.5' plant with 4 tops?

    The space would JUST be enough for the 3 gallons while there is some elbow room with the 2 gallons.

    any input?

  2. In addition to the size of the plants, necessary container size is also based on how much time they spend in their pots, what they're fed, how much air gets to the root system and how that particular strain grows. It's quite difficult to say what the minimum container size possible for your plants is. Having experience growing your strain, you are actually the person most knowledgeable about what size pots your plants need. Checking the bottom of the root ball after harvests will demonstrate how the plants fared in the size pots they were flowered in.

    I wouldn't recommend flowering in anything less than a 3gal container. While some plants may not have any trouble in 2gal pots, it's better to have a little extra room than to end up with root bound plants that can't finish ripening properly. 3gal pots are certainly not overkill for any plants to flower in.

    I flower all my plants in 5gal buckets. They only end up at about 2' tall but because they are topped multiple times and take 90 days to flower, at harvest there is a thick network of roots through every inch of the soil. They'd have problems if grown in anything less than 5gal buckets.

    Pots come in all shapes & sizes. 3gal containers could be the same diameter but just deeper, or the same depth but wider. If you supplied the dimensions then someone could tell you if they'd fit, but you should be able to figure it out even more easily.

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