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Which single piercing is the sexiest on a lady? (your opinion)

Discussion in 'Tattoo, Piercings and Body Art' started by Thunder Struck, Apr 13, 2012.

  1. Definitely the cooter
  2. guys look hot with anything pierced
    I have 10piercings all on my ears
    but I wanna get my tongue,maybe lip or nose
    oh an def eyebrow.. =]
  3. tongue and nipples
  4. [quote name='"LuxTenebris"']I like any and all piercings, but the one I find nost attractive, is unfortunately rare.

    Its called a nose bridge piercing, its the top area of your nose between the eyes, it goes though the skin not the bone.

    I have one myself, but Ive only seen one other one in person and it was on another guy, though I have seen pics of women with one.

    I like them because it brings attention to the eyes, and nothing like getting lost in someones eyes.

    Unfortunately I couldnt find a well done nose bridge (they are one of the hardest to get right, mine came out perfect though :D) but here is a good example


    My niece had that done. I thought it was gorgeous. I think she did it twice, one on top of the other.
  5. [​IMG]
    Probably this one.
  6. I voted Navel...but you left out monroe!! one of my favorites haha

    My favorites are tongue, belly, monroe, & nose stud.
  7. i have my hips pierced, and those are by far my favorite on myself and other ladies! i love them.
  8. Either the navel or monroe <3
  9. ^^ Navel and hips.
  10. Lip rings, nose peircings and dimples are cute
  11. Navel and back dimple.
  12. Aside from the more intimate piercings (nipples and vch), I love it when a chick has her lobes stretched, but not too big. Around 0g is perfect in my opinion. Love when a girl has tunnels in and some hoop earrings through those. Industrial, tongue, navel, and nose piercings are also super sexy. There really isn't a piercing I can think of that I don't find attractive. As long as it isn't overboard. Loading up the ears is fine, but for the face I prefer only like 1 or 2.

    God, I didn't realize how much I like piercings on women until I started writing this. I hadn't given it much thought previously, but apparently my ideal woman has at least 10 piercings.
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    I Have my:
    Cartilage on my left (1)
    2ed hole on left and right (3)
    1st hole on left and right (5)
    1 Nose (6)
    1 Tongue (7)
    Both nipples (9)
    1 Navel (10)


  14. Anal Piercing.
  15. They have that?^ IDK if this is a joke. Because they pierce everything.
  16. [quote name='"screech"']

    i have a little bit of metal in my face[/quote]

    You and I both
  17. Belly button, that's how i know they be a slut
  18. Knew a girl with a neck piercing she was pretty hot and had other various things pierced. :devious:

    She pretty much had it all.

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