Which side of you're brain is dominiate?

Discussion in 'General' started by Vicious, Sep 13, 2006.

  1. I had to do this little test for my AP Pysch class and the analaysis it gave me at the end described my personality and how I learn pretty much perfect, it actually scared me, it didn't do justice to my creative side but everything else was pretty much exact.

    Explains scientificly how it got it's analysis too if you review the questions.

  2. Yeah man... same here.

    Thats actually a little creppy how accurate it was.
  3. Left of my brain 76%

    Vistual Learning 57%
  4. wow....50% left 50%right
  5. Well it was right in some ways, as in like dead on, but in others it wasy waaayyyy off. it said iam organized and take steps to do things, couldnt be more wrong. but it also says that i think in concepts, not actual thoughts, and that couldnt be more true.
  6. WAYYY off on me.... i mean wayy off... *shrugs* still cool tho.. nice find =D
  7. i found most of the questions i just kinda picked the answer, i had no definite preferance
  8. that was sorta cool. It said I was almost completely balanced. Personality tests never have anything bad to say about u do they, they make everybody sound too perfect...pretty right on though...I took AP psych also btw.
  9. 29.4% auditory, 70.6% visual, 56.5% left side, 43.5% right

    the self description was very close. very.
  10. I think I was 75% auditory or higher I'm not sure it was high 70's.. andy who, left brained, it said i should actually develop my visual stuff and take classes for it lol
  11. A.P. Psych is a great class to be blazed in, the exam is really easy as well.
  12. 23.1% auditory, 76.9% visual
    39.1% left brain, 60.9 % right
  13. WOW. The personal profile was INCREDIBLY accurate. Shockingly accurate. Creepy, almost.

    auditory 46.2% - visual 53.8%

    Left brain 52% - Right brain 48%
  14. Hehe... your a girl! :p
  15. hmm exactly 50% all the way around...crazy

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