Which side is down?!?

Discussion in 'Lighting' started by mcupkim, Nov 6, 2012.

  1. So my grow room is set up & my seeds are a day away (USPS processed through my sort facility!) I have put together my light system that was shipped to me last week or so. As I am putting it together (1000 watt with umbrella hood) I wasnt too sure which way was down! Let me explain. I have the umbrella hood. It comes in 9 seperate pieces. 1st piece is the center...thats easy. But then there are 8 pieces that go around the center, forming the umbrella. As I started assembling it I noticed that one side is shiny white & the other side is dull white. So am I correct in doing the dull side down. I have read that flat white paint is better than semi or gloss paint...so I went with that theory.
  2. You are correct flat white is the better of the 2

  3. Thank you...and Im glad I did it correct because I would hate to have had to take it all apart & re-build it!

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