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Which should I buy ??????

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Quebec Ganja, Sep 23, 2012.

  1. So tomorrow I'm going to this party and two of my friends offered to hook me up with the green. I have two options:
    A) a 1/4 ounce of the most beautiful AK47 I have ever seen for 45$

    B) a 1/2 ounce of some nice no name who looks as if it has a great deal of crystals but lacks of orange hairs to my standards. he's willing to sell it to me for 60$

    so in your opinion, which offer should i accept ? i'm having a really hard time deciding !!

    Note: I live a community with extremely low priced bud but surprisingly good quality (gotta love Canada) please don't tell me i'm bullshitting if you're in one of those places that sell for 20$ a gram.
  2. Ak47 its the most beautiful you've seen. You said it yourself
  3. Decide in person what looks better. At least provide pics if your gonna post a thread like this...
  4. Thats an extra Q for like 20 extra bucks. Sometimes, you have to incorporate money with quality.
  5. get the 1/2
  6. shit..get them both man
  7. Just wait and see which one you like the best...
  8. Hoooolyyyy shit those are some low prices... And I'm from NS, where we get some of the cheapest bud around. Funny thing around here though is, some of the less "beautiful" homegrown gets you WAY higher than some of the best looking buds around.

    For example, my main dealer had some legit purple kush the other week, probably the most beautiful weed I've seen locally, definitely the best he's ever sold. Perfectly cured, trimmed, covered in crystals, stanky as hell. My backup guy had what he claimed was "the best weed he's had in a year", went to look at it and it was pretty much all green, mediocre cure/trim job, some brown hairs here and there, still very stinky.

    Rolled a few joints of both, over a week I discovered that the purp really didn't even get me that high, whereas the other shit absolutely put me on my ass for hours. Same thing when I smoked it through the bong, of course.

    I've had that experience many times locally, beautiful is not always best contrary to popular belief.

    So TL;DR, ask to smoke a little of both first, THEN make your decision. If the 1/2 is dank, personally I'd go with that. I'd rather have twice the dank for an extra $15 than a cheap quarter of top shelf as long as they both get me to an appropriate level smoking similar amounts.
  9. If the half o is danl then i would got with that option. Double the bud for just 15 thats a great deal..

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