which should i buy?

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  1. Hi all, ive been smoking for 2 years now and have been on the site a long time. ive been looking at the glass shop and im quite torn between 2 pieces.

    Black Leaf - Mini Nautilus Ice Bong with Removable Perc - Without Carb Hole - Glass Bongs - Bongs and Waterpipes - Smoking Pipes - Grasscity.com

    and this piece

    Black Leaf - 4-arm Perc Ice Bong - Ashcatcher - Blue - Grasscity.com

    my only issue is i love little bongs and they both appear to be around the same height. opinions appreciated. happy smokin! :smoke:
  2. I would go with second one. Lots of good reviews, and perc is non-removable (I think it's better like that, not sure). It's also a bit bigger, but currently out of stock.
  3. i would get neither and aim for glass thickness of 7 mm and up
  4. Neither! Please, don't buy one of these bongs. They are china glass, and china glass wasn't blown for functionality. I bet those percs are VERY draggy.

    Instead, save your money and buy some quality glass. Quality glass will last you much longer, and it will also function a ton better. A simple quality bong will hit loads better than a china bong with a perc IMO.

    You don't have to break the bank to buy quality glass either. Check out Apix Designs, or SSFG. They make strong quality glass for affordable prices. You can get an SSFG Travel tube for $55 along with a shower head diffused down stem for $15 (as long as you purchase them at the same time) and a mini inline ashcatcher from them for $60. Also, you could get an Apix Design stemline for approximately $30-50 more.

    Please go the quality route man. You will be much much more satisfied, IMO. :bongin:

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