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    What is the best seeds to buy that would grow but not get to big but give you nice amount of smoke? 
    The smaller the plant the better prefer to get no bigger then 2 to 3 ft.  Just won myself another AeroGarden playing poker online so want to with this one buy better seeds.  Last one I won planed seeds I had on hand and they are doing great figuring in next 2 weeks to go to flowering stage with them.  But want to get seeds that are ass kicking for the new one!!!

  2. guess no one can answer this for me!
  3. Try the cultivating section next time for a quicker response.
    If you have space for 3ft plants, you can pretty much get away with most strains. Watch videos on how to low stress train (LST) your plants to keep them short.
  4. I will do.  Still new here trying to find my way around.  Have watched the videos and is how I have been training the ones I have growing now in the other AeroGarden and they are doing great and looking sweet!!!  Will take them to flowering stage in next few weeks most likely.  But was wanting to find some ass kicking seeds for next growth with the other aerogarden I have. The seeds I am using now is just some I got out of some other weed I had on hand.  Some good smoke but said looking for some ass kicking stuff to try next.  But thank you for your help!!!
  5. Hi Cuda girl.
    Had to chime in.
    You got to check out Oz Seeds.
    His "Hazardous Creation" is the bomb.
    Hazardous Creation – [Tangerine Haze x Platinum Kush (male) x Chemdawg D(female)] F2
    Amazing high yield potent plants.
    I grown this out twice and its worth it... 
    Check with Ozzie for the site for purchase.
    Link to his GC thread:

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