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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by ChronikTokR, Mar 22, 2006.

  1. i have a 4x3 space with a 400 watt haps. i think if i pant 9 seeds that will give me a good number of females but i have some different seeds and dont know which to choose. i figure ill do 3 seeds out of 3 strains i have.
  2. i forgot i have sweet tooth #3 as well
  3. Northern lights is a nice smoke albeit a little to much indica for me. I like more of a hybrid. AK 47 smokes real nice (I think it is a hybrid) to and is in the Serious Seeds category with Chronic which I recently grew (It was nice). So even though for some reason my mouse clicked the vote for Northern lights, AK or NL would be sweet. The others I am not familiar with.
  4. if i were you i wouldnt use feminized...just take ur chances with regular..i just dont believe in using treated seeds like that...also, id say ak-47would be my fav

    also, 400Whps light might be too small for 4x3 area...for that space id recoment a 1000WHPS light or 600Wif your worryin bout heat issues

  5. Feminized seeds are great, there is nothing treaded about them, the y chromosome is just removed. They are just a bit more expensive though. 400 watt HPS will cover 4x3 just fine 1000 watts would be too much unless there is a very strong ventilation plan.
  6. ive heard some bad reviews from feminized, so i just thought id pass it along.
    also, 4x3 with 400W you get only 33W/sqft thats pretty low. optimal range is 65-80...a 600W gets u up to 50W/sqft so its a bit better..

    also, just a side question for anyone...which light is hotter HPS or MH at same wattage???just curious
  7. i was thinkin of going with 2 of each. bigbang,sadhu,ml,ak and sweet tooth. would 10 plants be to many until flowering or will i be ok. they under a 400watt hps. will they at least be ok till i determine sex? i was also thinking of getting a light mover. good idea?
  8. Ten plants til sexing would be fine, 10 females would have about three of them suffering (if you didn't turn them frequently and switch their positions). I have grown ten females under the 400 watt and they were not lit efficiently. A light mover would be great if it will work in there.
  9. my box is 4hx4wx4d i saw some 4 foot movers that would work. if i for sure have 2 females from fem and 50% of 8 plants would be 4 so 6 with a mover could grow pretty good in there right?
  10. my boy is using a 400W switchable hps and mh. the mh actually seems to cause the temp to rise just a bit more inside the grow room. hes got all his windows open in that room (which makes the room like 50 degrees) but under his mh light its still 84 degrees.
  11. i have that same exact problem but its only for a few hours then i open it up when i get home and it goes down to like 78.
  12. with the light moverrs (if its the track with a motor right?) you need more space than the actual 4 foot track because the reflector will extend past the end of the track.... if your creative though i bet you could design your own with some type of small electric car motor, a belt and gears, then you could control the speeed of the lights movement by either increasing or decreasing power to the motor or chaning the gears.... if anyone can postt a picture bet i could figure something out for you... good luck and im very jealous you got such a big grow space!!!
  13. northern lights and ak47 are def the dankest strains in that list.......

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