Which seeds are the best?

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  1. I know they all have there own difference. But which do you prefure and why auto fem, fem or normal.
  2. I prefer growing regular fems becuase I like to 'play' with the plants.
    The auto-fems pretty much do everything on their own.
    I'll not, likely, to even try non-feminized; I am restricted by law as to how
    many plants I can grow and I don't want to chance 'a waste' on a possible male.
  3. True, I guess the regular fems create bigger yield also I hear.
  4. Well.... maybe.
  5. Autofems are super easy.
  6. Yeah they seem to be very easy to grow right but apparently not as big yield as normal fem seeds.
  7. Really depends on the application. For a straight up quick grow if I'm running low, I'll grow a quick auto.
    if I'm cross breeding/creating new hybrids I like to have some reg photos going so I can get males and females from the bunch
    But if I want heavy yields and time isnt a factor, then I'll grow fem photos and keep them in a veg state for 6 months and flower them after that.

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  8. I guess they all have there differences but the auto's seem to be the easiest to grow.
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  9. Yes, with auto's there isnt a huge amount you have to do with them.
    If you want a 12/12 light cycle you can and they will grow bud, there will be a difference in yield opposed to a 20/4 light cycle but it will still grow.
    Just nutes, LST and transplanting are the biggest things, I always find autos can be a bit more sensitive to nute burn, topping/dimming is a debatable issue (I have fimmed autos before with great success) as there is not a recovery period if done to late in the veg state.
    Transplanting for the same reason.
    I grow autos a lot, because of my busy schedule with businesses and family.
    If it's a first grow, I always point people down the auto path just to get the first contact from growing.

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  10. My auto record is 15 oz dry.
  11. To me, it comes down to variety vs. consistency. If you like smoking a variety of strains, autos are the way to go. They're like small batch home brew beer. If, on the other hand, you have one or two go to's that you love smoking all the time, get fem seeds and grow a couple mother plants. The biggest advantage of photos over autos is the ability to cut clones. Clones will give you consistent results with steady, perpetual growing options. You can grow photo fems from seed to finish, but I think that's kind of a waste unless you're growing outdoors.

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  12. Also, ruderalis tends to dilute potency. Just switch your light cycle like a normal person. Jesus, it’s not that hard
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  13. A regularly feminized seed is a waste of time? Lol. How?
  14. Go home you’re drunk. How long did it veg before switching itself to flower?
  15. If you're just growing seed to flower, yes it's a waste. If you're taking clones, then no. If you want to go seed to flower, go auto.
  16. I went with auto for the first time this year wanting small stealthy plants they definitely achived that. Im more a photo fem fan but if looking for something to gurilla grow autos definitely fit the bill.
  17. To each his own. When running new strains i start from seed always. I don’t take cuts from other people. In my experience, the addition of ruderalis into a strain waters it down and that’s why I don’t like autos. Also, I like to grow bigger plants sometimes. An auto seed isn’t worth it any situation is my view
  18. Now actually that IS a reason to use autos. Outdoor guerilla and short season areas. Kind of goes against my last comment but you’re right
  19. In your experience? or just what you hear others say? Today's autos are just as potent as photos. As for size, I average 1/4-1/2lb per plant in around 100 days. If you don't think autos are worth it under any situation, you've been misinformed.
  20. you ask a question and then assume the answer. Only problem is you don’t know dick about me. See the issue there? I’ve grown autos. Also grown fast versions of strains which have ruderalis in them but a lesser amount of the genetic makeup. Always less potent. Grew 5 jack 47 reg, 6 jack 47 auto and 4 jack 47 fast version last year. Jack 47 regular blew them out of the water. Same thing with white widow minus the fast versions. Took note of it it my friends last grow as well. You’re an auto guy so I expect the pushback. Most growers see autos as a novelty and you won’t see many big operations using them. You’ll see them pop some photo seeds though when they aren’t dealing strictly with cuts. Me personally, I prefer regular photo seeds. Not even feminized.

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