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Which Seed To Get For Hemp (High Thc) Oil?

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by Pureskull, May 30, 2013.

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    Newbie here Sorry to sound ignorant. But I have no idea about plants or seeds or even how to grow them. Unfortunately i dont know people in houston Tx who can direct me to a place where to buy indica strains. Im trying to create hemp oil for cancer treatment, Yes i already did pretty much all the conventional treatments which are chemo, radio and now tarceva. However still some progression with this asshole known as a cancer. So as a last resource I would like to try this treatment which seems very promising.
    So far i guess this is the site where i would get the seed to plant and grow the bud to then process into oil. Except all i know is to get "indica strain" but there seem to be so many types and its so overwhelming i cant find the right one by myself.

    Please help me if you know which type Rick Simpson uses for his oil on this video

    Thank you


  2. I would highly recommend rereading the rules of this forum. And possibly going to barnes and noble's garden section.

    I am also sorry to hear about your cancer.
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    Rick Simpson says that he used White Widow. Understand of course that different breeders call it the same name but the exact strain only comes from the original breeder. He has said that later crops of White Widow didn't give the same sedative effect.
    At this point you need a fast finishing,easy to grow strain to cover the inevitable mistakes you will make on the first grow. You need oil in your system.
    An indelicate question,What stage is your cancer and do you have the 10+ weeks to grow from seed to mature bud?
    There are other therapies to consider as a stop gap.
    1.The Gerson diet or its polar opposite the ketogenic diet.
    3.Dr. Tullio Simoncini's Bicarbonate of soda therapy.
    4.Dr. Fred Klenner's intravenous Vitamin C therapy, or oral high dose (10 grams +daily) Vit C.
    You should be taking fish oil high in Omega 3 (3 grams+ daily). This is absolutely neccessary. DO NOT skip this. Burping tuna here we come!
    Google all of this stuff.
    All the best.
  4. you can use any type of strain but i would suggest a high thc content and highly resinous strain, here is a very trusted seed bank that many blades use.
    start taking vitamin D, magnesium,  iodine and selenium. get NATURAL substances, NOOO chemicals!!
    all 4 are SUPER strong cancer inhibiters
    Lacking these vitamins/minerals is a huge cause of cancer nowadays
 is the only site i have ever found PURE products, i dont like linking to things, but I want to see you healed
    I wish you well, please research what I have said
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    Besides cleaning up your diet (eat whole natural foods), you need to get Omega 3 into your diet! When you lack Omega 3, the CB1 receptors are made defectively- a piece is left "uncoupled". They can't do what they are supposed to do!  I was first alerted to this effect by a PubMed study,
    Nutritional omega-3 deficiency abolishes endocannabinoid-mediated neuronal functions.
    (abst – 2011) 
    Easier article on the study-
    Omega-3 deficiency disrupts cannibinoid receptor function in brain        (news – 2011)
    Now those dudes were just looking at the effect on the brain, but the effects in the body are just as bad.  This article calls the defective receptors "turned off",
    Turned-Off Cannabinoid Receptor Turns On Colorectal Tumor Growth      (news - 2008)
    Low levels of Omega 3 have been implicated as a risk factor for some cancers-
    n-3 polyunsaturated fatty acid intake and cancer risk in Italy and Switzerland.
    As for the strain, Rick gets good results with White Widow, but I would go for a lemon-scented strain. The lemony scent is from limonene, which is a cancer fighter in its own right!
    Inhibition of tumor progression by naturally occurring terpenoids.
    Hope that helps!
    Granny   :wave:

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