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    hi:wave:!it's my first try on indoor growing and after a lot of research i decided to order this seed: BC Seeds or this seed: BC Seeds .the problem is that i've never heard:confused: of that type of skunk and i can't find it elsewhere, but it seems promising.....
    do you think i should buy those?i'm gonna grow in a closet so i need a fast and a small plant
  2. No one?Please i really need to make that decision now.Has anyone tried that kind of seeds or anything unknown from BCseeds?

    PS.I emailed them asking for clarification and they said that they are seeds from their genetics and have top quality.
  3. man, it may be just me .. but if I see this kind of bullshit on a site.. I stay away from it .

    Bullshit A

    Bullshit B

    Bullshit C

    Bullshit D

    Bullshit E

    just go hit the attitude , multiple breeders available, fast, guarenteed shipping to all locals in the world ( Antartica may have some wait time in store though ;) )

  4. I would go with the fast and furious just because it has a lower odor. If I'm not mistaken BC is one of the companys with alot of bells and wistles (and the price ) and many dont care for their boustrous/flambeauant selling techniches. From what i understand is they take the very best of plants and bred them with other top plants and make their own strains and thus this is what you buy. I know thier Hashplant is a good smoke so would say if you have the money go for it. Its all about live and learn, Its a life long labor of love.
  5. Have you thought about starting with bag seed? If you have access to some, I would start there.

    I would not spend a ton of money on seeds for my first grow. You are going to go through lots of trial and error. Getting your box/area setup, lighting, grow medium, feeding schedule, etc. Why not start with something resonable to get your started. If you don't have bag seed, go for a middle of the road seed from The Attitude. They have a good rep and won't rip you off.

    Good luck.
  6. ^^^ $200 a seed. Sounds reasonable to me. :smoking:
  7. :eek:NO DOUBT. They're basically just GIVING beans away at that price...
    Now.. I got some New Jersey Diesel X F1 Hanna Montana, 100% Guarenteed LESBIAN femenized. Nice Dike-ish phenos..
    The bidding will start at $500 a bean.....
  8. First of all thank you for your observations.I can't wait to get my seeds :D

    Bag seeds i suppose you mean seeds from street marihuana.I don't know man....where i live street weed sucks so i really don't want to use such seeds.Plus I will share all expenses with my buddy (he will grow a male + female to get seeds).

    Anyway I've done my reading+i got jorge cervantes ultimate grow 1,2 which will be my guide.I know things but i don't have experience.

    What i need is some strain with short flowering time to get done quickly (say 8-10 weeks) for many reasons.

    My next options would be some kind of lowryder, which are small and fast growing.
    What do you think?

    Lowryder #1,#2
    Diesel Ryder
    Lowlife Ak47 x Auto Hindu Kush
    Top 44
    Big Bud

    Should I forget about those from bcseeds?They say i'd like the fast sweet dreams strain...
  9. That site looks wack. Go to the attitude or kindseed.com I have used both with good results.
  10. I'll buy from Attidute.What would yoy buy?I made some suggestions above.
  11. Yes, that is what I am talking about. You would be surprised by the results of bag seed. That's all I am going to say.

    An autoflower plant might be your best bet if you have 8 weeks for your total grow. Most decent grows take 4 months. So you are cutting the time in half. Remeber, this is going to substantially reduce your yield.

    Yes, forget about that place. Whack prices, straight BS claims. It is not possible IMHO for a plant to have 45% THC.
  12. haha i know i was laughing when i saw it!

    About lamps i'm thinking of buying 1 hps (150 watt) and 2 cfl 30 watt 2700k for 2 plants,possibly lowryders.Is it ok?If i don't get an automatic should i add the cfl's on the flowering state or have them from day 1?
  13. The more watts the better. You will be providing around 210W wich is great for 2 plants. Just watch your heat and you should be fine.

    Good luck.
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    Nice.One last thing:From my list above i exclude the big bud and the top 44.I'll choose between lowryder #1,lowryder #2, lowryder Diesel ryder, or lowlife ak47 x auto hindu kush.

    I think with the last i'm gonna have the best yield but i really can't decide :p

    EDIT:I hope i won't have problems with smell (2 lowryders probably).I'm putting them under my desk where is room and cover but the distance to the front door is about 5 meters.Would that be a problem?I don't want to put them in my closet because of air circulation problem(the best i can do is put a little fan inside the closet and open it twice a day for fresh air)

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