Which RooR should I get?

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  1. Don't get a roor. You are paying for a name and not function. You can grab yourself a 30 dollar Chinese piece that will function the same.

    Check out grasscity.com
  2. get a Syn straight and an Alex k showerhead diffy. about the same as the ROOR 500 would cost with a 18mm joint. but if you want a roor get the 500 with an 18mm joint and an alex k diffy
  3. Alright, can you link alex k diffuser for me please? :smoke:
  4. I like the first one bro bc of the rasta label and the ice notches but I agree that you may want to get a non roor bong with more diffusion
    Either way is cool with me, we care gonna need a HEAVY blanket for the dorm
  5. might as well get an ehle, or roor rasta beaker. Alex k n beaker is a win. Check out aqualabstechnologies for an alex K downstem under Glass Accesories>Glass downstems
  6. I say none
  7. Nah man, id find something else if I were you. But if I'd have to choose id say the first one.
  8. Yea, I think I'm going with first one. lol we are gonna need this [ame=http://www.amazon.com/Emergency-Disaster-Systems-Inc-Blanket/dp/B001CSAIAQ]Amazon.com: Heavy Blanket: Sports & Outdoors[/ame]

    I'm here: Search results for: 'alex k diffuser'

    Now which one should I get for raste beaker?
  9. I say the first.
  10. Hahaha made of heavy wool
  11. noticed your from mass you should check out some of the headshops in the area, if you can make it down to Kind Connections In Providence i highly recomend checking it out everything is around the same price as ALT if not better and the owner is real helpful when picking out pieces

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