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    Have a 6'x6' tent with a 600 watt digital MH/HPS switchable ballast that I plan on picking up from HTG....what type of reflector should I get,going air cooled? Bigger the better? 18''x15'' or bigger/smaller? They are rectangle with the glass. Running SCROG big as possible.

    Thanks...a cool tube is another option..thought that the rectangle type would give more lumens to the canopy though.

    Let me know! Plan using the 6 inch vortex to cool and clean through scrubber.
  2. I have run a 400 and 600 in my space... I only have experience with the easy cool 6 but i love it.
  3. Is there a type or reflector that would provide this area with more lumens then another over the entire 6'x6' area? I know the glass from the reflector blocks out lumens but I feel as though it would be needed to cool this area with the size of light that I mentioned.

    Thanks for your replies!
  4. If you want the very best reflector/fixture made and over 20"x20" get a Hydrofarm radiant AC6.

    There not cheap but you get what you pay for and this is a piece of art and had the best Lumen output with the least hot spots on IR.

    Good luck.;)
  5. Thanks for the update on the besst...going with a package deal from HTG and they offer 5-10 different shades to choose from...I know I need something cooled but from there I am lost...trying to pick one that would best work for my needs.
  6. If cheap is what you want then just go with any sealed air cooled six inch reflector.
  7. I have that narrowed down(6 inch air cooled fixture)...wondering if a larger fixture(actual size of the shade LxW) would make a difference in the quality of light that is dispersed over the 6'x6' grow area? It has to just not sure how it factors in...
  8. Id say if you were runnin a 1K then yes but not with the baby bulbs,:eek:;)
  9. The 600 is a grandfather compared to the 250 I have been running:D...so could someone recommend one please...

    Thank You
  10. My understanding is that with a ~400-600 watt light it still has to be a good bit away from the plants, so it's ok that the reflector is slightly smaller.

    I bought my first 400w with the cheapest reflector, but my second is air cooled. I wish I'd gotten the easy cool 6 on both of them though
  11. I keep my 1K 14" away from the canopy.

    Any reflector that has 6" air cooled fittings will do you right,the bulb is of more importance.;)
  12. so there would be no advantage for a larger reflector verses a smaller one? Doesn't make sense why would they offer different sizes then?
  13. I said if you use a 1000watt bulb the larger reflector may be something to look at but your using a smaller output bulb,it would only make some dif if the bigger reflector was of a very high quality and none of those are.
  14. So bigger the better got ya..now you have me thinking maybe a 1000 watt:confused: How big of a difference would yield be concerned between a 600 and a 1000 in the 6x6 foot area?

    Thanks Again
  15. If you are only using a 6x6' the 1K will give much better yields,denser and bigger buds.

    But,if you can do a 4x8 with two 600 some would say thats the better set up,i dont want or need two fixtures so because of some issues with the 600 and the need to spend extra $$ on conversion bulbs and their limited choices i went with the 1K.;)
  16. Well going with the 600w digital from HTG and the easy cool 6 inch that measures 24'' by 22'' tried placing the order today and they have the hood on back order...think they may even through in some hangers...also picking up the filter and 6'' fan that is rated for 454 cfm...package deal for the two $199. Found it odd that this fan has greater cfm then the vortes which is $100 more however the quality of the vortes is probably better built. Grand total $530 shipped which they took off $50 for shipping...Anyone know how load one of their fans are? Better to suck or push with them?

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