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Which Professions Have The Most Psychopaths?

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by wolftigerosebud, Dec 8, 2013.

  1. I'm not the least bit surprised that CEO was on top.
    I think that they should have to take sociology courses every year to remind them that those little creatures producing all those results for them are human, and are probably facing problems in life. It would make them aware of the social and socioeconomic conditions their workers face. It would be good for the CEOs that are not psychopaths, because years of having hundreds of people do everything in their power to make sure you get your way changes you.
    A sociology course now and then would be good for everybody, actually. Maybe people would stop being abhorrently rude to those in customer service positions.
  2. Not surprised that professions with more personal interaction have less psychopaths.
  3. everybody above the age of 18 is a psychopath
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    I really hate the term psychopath. Most of the time people use it we're talking about sociopaths but then to most that's spiting hairs or comes down to 'correctness'.
  5. you cant possibly have feelings if you are an accountant
  6. lawyer = both my parents
    life makes sense now
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    I feel as though these have become interchangeable by now because so many people's definitions of psychopaths vs. sociopaths vary and are switched around. I myself I'm not even all that clear one the difference between the two because on source will say something, another will say the opposite. 
    Hahaha everyone is my family is into law...This is probably accurate!
  8. Politicians, without question.
    Yet they weren't even in the list. Who MADE the list? :confused:
  9. i'm telling you, retail. people know a grocery store is somewhere they can go and take out their shitty mood on the people who work there, and the employee will just have to grin and bare it. 
  10. psychiatry and those practicing it have the highest incidence of mental problems.... the craziest patients are doctors of the profession.
  11. i'd like to have a little chat with mr. barker. 
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    I thought about this which is why I added in that edit.
    To me, a sociopath is the common term most people refer to, lacking emotion, manipulative but is apathetic on a societal level. They still integrate and many normal healthy people can and do develop sociopathic tendencies. A psychopath, to me, is when it becomes more of distortion or disorder, finding a need for release in harming others. I would consider a cut throat CEO a sociopath and a serial killer a psychopath, unless that CEO got off on firing hundreds of thousands of people and were otherwise emotionless. Still, if it were a study, for the point of being 'correct', I would refer to the latter as a sociopath too.
    I agree whole heatedly and would use myself as a personal testimony.
    Jesus Christ, Marcus, take it easy. You're starting to sound like that dork Bateman.
  14. Chefs anyday!
  15. psychopath=/=sociopath
    some reading on the subject: http://voices.yahoo.com/sociopath-vs-psychopath-there-difference-1906224.html?cat=72
    I am a sociopath. I was born the same as everyone else, years of parental abuse has completely rewired my emotional circuit-board. I do not feel the same as majority of human beings do, and never will. What makes many people happy, makes me anxious, when most people feel angry, it's uncomfortable, I feel controlled, calm, and at one with the universe when I am angry. I feel love, thank god, but in a very different way, I feel love liker a domesticated wolf, I love those who help me, those who benefit me, those who make me better, and mainly, those who make me feel human (or what I assume it feels like to be 'human'). And I love 2 people other than myself, I would do anything and everything for them, and feel no remorse, anything is justified for them, again, like the domesticated wolf. 
    I have been like this for as long as I can remember, and became what I am too young to be changed. I am not a psychopath though, I understand what it would feel like to be one (better than what it would be like to be an average person), but I am not one. I have no delusions, nor grandeur, I am not impulsive. 
    There is a difference between these disorder, and lumping them together makes treatment for both more difficult, I hope I helped clarify for anyone. I can answer questions if anyone would like.
  16. Hmmmm interesting. I always used to think it was actually dentists..
  17. Surprised cops aren't higher and military combatants aren't there
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    If anyone has 40 minutes to spare, this is quite an interesting and accurate representation of what we term Psychopath. 
    Now to me I don't think you can rank psychopaths because psychopaths are psychotic in their own ways. There are a lot of psychopathic people out there walking amongst us and we can never tell because they're so good at acting "normal" 
    But if you ask me I will put politicians at the top and move CEO to 2nd.

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