which portable vaporizer would be good for me?

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by mgjscdhl, Nov 24, 2011.

  1. I sent my exemption paperwork in a little while ago. While I am waiting, I saw a sale online at grass city. I want to treat myself to an early xmas present - a vaporizer.
    The two I was looking at were the iolite and vapire one. I want a fairly simple, portable, reliable vaporizer but $150-250 is my spending limit. Are those decent/good vaporizers for that price? I could wait but its a "black friday" sale... so I either have to forget about it, or go for it.

    Some input would be greatly appreciated
  2. I hear good things about the Arizer Solo... their big unit. The Extreme Q is amazing.. and Arizer is made in Canada.. Not China crap... can find them on Amazon..

    Are you in the states?
  3. No, Canada
  4. I'd search amazon and 3bay.. see what you can find.. shipping is expensive from GC
  5. I'll take a look for the vaporizer you mentioned. I hadn't thought of amazon, they do have some reviews. My only issue with them is a import fee deposite, which (usually) is 15-20$... I'll go see what it turns out to be with shipping, tax and everything.
  6. 3bay had a solo for $160C

    ps: you can always go to FuckCombustion when looking for solid reviews and information on vaporizers
  7. I'm checking out the link right now
    looks very informative so far :)
  8. I'd go with an MFLB.
  9. Get the arizer solo. Low learning curve, the mflb isn't in the same league. Mlfb is good stealth but if you want to get high, get the solo. The vapir no2 isn't bad either and both at 150-160$
  10. A proud solo owner here, this device never fails to impress. Vapir makes low quality vapes and the MFLB is just a sipper.
  11. the mflb gets me good and baked.. user error accounts for 99% of the issues with the mflb.. ya can't fix stupid
  12. I have my technique good and down, I can make nice big clouds with the right consistency of herb and I can never get more than a light, heady buzz off the mflb no matter how much I puff. It's great that it works for you but some of us have higher tolerances and need something with a bit more oomph. Your painting with such broad strokes that your canvas might as well be black.
  13. id go with the solo, or at least chuck the iolite into the mix...
  14. Ya can't make the mflb any more less crude than it already is. Have you tried any other vaporizers besides the mflb? I'd guess no because I really can't see anyone that has tried any other portable vapes placing the mflb above any except for the cheapest and lousiest examples of vaporizers on the market. The mflb gets the job done, but just barely. A solo or several of the other portables do the job, just better than the mflb. The way I see it, the only things the mflb has going for it is it's guarantee and it's size neither of which mattered much to me. There are very few problems with the better ones to begin with and how small do you need for your device to be? My Solo fits in my pocket and that's small enough for me. While you mflb guys are shaking the device, stiring trenches, pushing and pulling on batteries, and regulating your draws, while swapping batteries, I'll be sitting there doing nothing but pushing a button then sucking on my solo's stem. Anyone can do it and they don't need a learning curve to figure it out.

    PS Getting you baked doesn't automatically make it good. Lots of devices will do that and many do it better than the mflb.
  15. I'm reading the arizer solo site now. I'm trying to find size and power used, if there's batteries. be back in a little bit with comments/questions
  16. after considering everything I think my choice will be between arizer solo, vapir no2 or iolite. the magic is great, discrete and easy but it might not be a good choice for first vaporizer or my only vaporizer. I've been on youtube the last hour or so watching reviews, unboxings and things.
  17. I'd get the solo bromo
  18. There are a few good ones out there. I've tried the Launch Box and that one was pretty good. My friend said the Iolite was pretty good too. I've used the N02 and that one was pretty nice too. Google showed me this site Mini Vaporizers looks like someone tried them all.
  19. awesome site
    it has all kinds of portables to look into.
    it seems they all do a good/great job, it comes down to preferences or features.
  20. Kind of, but the solo has better battery life and heat up time than the others. Really it's the best portable on the market untill the ViVape is released

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