Which plant should I grow

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Sprinkler, Jul 9, 2003.


which one?

  1. afghani

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  2. mazar

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  3. power plant

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  4. shiva skunk

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  5. skunk #1

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  1. I'm planning on growing greenhouse... So far my quarter-finalists are these, which ones would you pick(I know, they're all SSSSSSSSSSSUPER killer bud)...

    afghani(I like afghani, real quality)

    mazar(strongest plant known, over 20% THC, easy to grow)

    power plant(strong high, overall nice plant, maybe harder to grow with phenotypes)

    shiva skunk(skunk#1 x NL5, says it all)

    skunk#1(I dig skunk :) )
  2. mazar is definetly not the strongest.. but ive seen the pic and it looks nice.. too expensive though if u ask me. id go with skunk, since u can get prolly like 50 seeds for the price of 10 mazars, and if u are growing in greenhouse then the more the merrier. or buy a mixed bag of seeds, thats always fun, especially in green house since u dont have to worry about the varying flowering times;)
  3. well the mazar only cost like 30£ and is a cross between afghani and skunk, 2 plants that are my top favorites... First I was really doubting between either skunk pure or afghani pure... And this seems to be the most powerfull hybrid.

    Well there are like 2 or 3 other plants more powerfull, but those are for medical use so yield/taste is below level.
  4. Mazar is a nice mellow smoke, with the qualities of it's mother strains shining through.

    Skunk #1 has a real long finishing time but it's worth it for the end result. I'm not a fan of the heavy flavour but I do like the HIGH!

    I like Afghani but it's quite a knock out stone.

    Never smoked or cultivated PP or Shiva but have thought/am thinking about Shiva as it seems like an ideal cross to me. The skunky heavy flavour of the skunk should be taken off by the sweetness of the NL, which has also significantly shortened it's flowering time and I would imagine increased it's yield and tolerance to environmental conditions.

  5. I wouldn't bother with a powerfull plant to start off with because it will take forever to flower.

    just choose a normal indica.
  6. After my California Orange have been harvested and my AK47s go under the HPS for flowering, I am very tempted to try out Stuporsonic from Sagarmatha Seeds.

    They're a touch pricey (£60) but for a short, high quality Sativa that finishes in 45-50 days, I don't think it's overpriced.

    The other exotic strains which I'm tempted by are Sugar Klingon and also the strain called "Wonderful" which isn't available yet to my knowledge.

    If it was my first grow, I think I would go with something easier like Northern Lights.
    I can definitely recommend California Orange too which was "accidentaly" my first grow. They survived all sorts of abuse from me as an inexperienced grower and with 3-5 weeks to go they are still looking simply beautiful!

    Whatever you decide on, good luck!


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