Which pipe do you like the best

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  1. A:

    I bought the 4th one because I was in a rush and sorted by cheapest and thought it was sick as fuck (especially for $5.95+$5 shipping) but then I saw the other ones after and I'm kicking myself not spending the extra 1 or 2 dollars! The clear one is sooo sick!

    If you guys have never been to ArtFire.com - Premier handmade marketplace to buy & sell handmade crafts, supplies, vintage and art I suggest you check it out. They have tons of shops for some sickass looking glass for good prices. Mine should come in the mail in a few days. Can't wait to smoke for the first time in 6 months! (okay I smoked twice in august but it wasn't even glass and one of the times i was drunk so it wasn't the same)

    edit: fuck i forgot to make it a poll. oh well.
  2. They all look nice.

    Looks mean nothing if flow sucks.
  3. I woulda gone with the green one but the one you picked is a close second. Awesome grab
  4. I personally like the blue one (D). The green one (C) is also good.
  5. I like d the best, my pipe is exactly like te first except it's clear an when heated it turns blue, I think it's ugly and I want a new one but it hits good and it's cool to see te smoke forming
  6. I think D was the coolest lol
  7. well i'm glad you guys liked the one that i got :hello:
  8. Why don't you not buy herb for a while and use the money you save to get a glass piece that costs more than five dollars?? I'd be ashamed to be seen smoking out of that, come on son.

  9. cuz you get just as high, i havent smoked for 6 months and those pieces are nice as fuck?

    sorry that i don't care about my "stoner image' as much as you do dude :rolleyes::cool:
  10. damn dude i had respect for you.. but.. seriously.. a 5 dollar piece?

    dude i can't believe this and to think i thought of you as a friend...

    nah lol but d is the coolest

  11. I've never been one for expensive glass. Just have my trusty bowl for when I'm on the go since I've never been able to smoke in the comfort of my home pretty much :D Always outside or in my car (some sketchy shit). I'll go over to friends places and smoke some nice bongs but never felt the need to buy a $400 roor, would rather spend that on weed :D. Only thing I look for in a bowl is how durable it is and this one looks pretty durable for the price. If smoke gets from point A to point B I'm happy :cool:
  12. i feel yea i bought a nice piece in high school got it taken by my vice principal and thought fuck that. piece i currently own i paid 20 bucks for my local gas station

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