Which piece should I choose?

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  1. Sup all,

    So I have 3 pieces to chose from, the dude wants 500$ for each. My question is, which would you say is the best value at 500$?

    Please see attached pictures and let me know what you think.

    First piece is a klein taras and has a tornado affect when pulled.

    The second is the green dry pipe, seems pretty unique

    The third is a water pipe and I love the colors on this one!

    All opinions welcome as I am rather new to glass collection.

    If more info is needed please let me know.

    Cheers Screenshot_2016-03-10-10-23-53.png Screenshot_2016-03-10-10-21-16.png Screenshot_2016-03-10-10-18-17.png Screenshot_2016-03-10-10-19-56.png Screenshot_2016-03-10-10-17-44.png Screenshot_2016-03-10-10-19-38.png
  2. Get this plank one


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  3. You have a nice bong collection

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  4. Choice is yours, I wouldn't buy any of them but only because those pieces don't fit my needs. I like clear glass, but pretty much only smoke flowers. Dry pieces, meh, I'll smoke them but prefer not to. Nice bubbler but don't like it because its not clear, although it does look like it has some salt inspiration.
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  5. Thanks darkness, I tend to agree with you. I usually go for clear glass and stay away from dry pipes but this one caught me eye.
  6. Forgot to mention the clear bong is made by swagger glass, the green one is made by niko cray and the tannish water pipe is made by portal.
  7. *dankness
  9. Oops sorry about the typo there. Lol thanks iron-eyes.
  10. Sorry, but there's no way I'd pay $500 for any of those. I can appreciate the art and craftsmanship of a few of them, but I would never buy any of them. If I was a collector, maybe $500 for 2 or 1 for $300.
  11. Thanks sneaky

    So you are saying they are overpriced or you just don't like them so you wouldn't buy them for that price?

    I have seen similar pieces go for higher prices so I'm just wondering what you are basing your assessment on? ( don't mean to sound like a dick, genuinely curious.)
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  12. I'm kind of saying both. But for the thread and your question, I think they're overpriced. I've seen better looking artistic pieces than those going for $250-300. If they really trip your trigger though, go for it. I'm going to say that they don't really do that though. If they did, you wouldn't be making this thread, I think. It seems maybe more like you have $500 burning a hole in your pocket, and this guy has some pieces he's happy to sell at that price. I could be wrong though, you could be in love equally with all of them.
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  13. Thanks sneaky. I really do like the clear bong and the water pipe, but you may be right about being overpriced. Like I said I am rather new to this so that's why I wanted to go to the pros for advice! Hah cheers

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