Which pest is this?

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  1. Not sure i think its spider mites , regardless pyrethrin constraint will kill most all insect. and
    you can harvest the next day.
    read up on it .
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  2. Hmmm, not like SM damage I’ve seen. Looks worse!
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  3. I’m reading smokables where pyrethrin is used can be pretty hazardous…
  4. Pyrethrin concentrate alone once it dries is harmless.
    Mixing Pyrethrin with other chemical insecticides can make pyrethrin effective/toxic for months
  5. pyrethrin is the chemically produced version of natural pyrethrum. pyrethrum is a natural substance some daisy plants use as a natural defence. pyrethrin degrades much slower than pyrethrum.

    if you can find natural pyrethrum extract or start growing your own pyrethrum you will not need to use chemical versions. pyrethrum degrades very fast under strong lights. in an afternoon it will degrade but its a contact killer so it will kill everything it touches before degrading.

    pyrethrin may stay on the plants longer, its the main ingredient in some bug sprays for your household. you know for cockroaches, ants and shit.

    either case i agree those look like thrips.
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    If you're going to use pyrethrum be prepared to pay the price and don't cheap out. Most of what's out there is garbage. This is the brand I occasionally use. I believe it's around $61.00+ per pint. Use pyrethrum with care as pets can be very allergic to it. You have thrips. I'd suggest you research how to control thrips while your plant is flowering. Use the search feature here on GC and type thrips in flower. 20220919_192832.jpg
    Pyrethrins General Fact Sheet
  7. hi, imo those fkers are thrips….there too hummid and heat??

    make sure you have fans going all over…mites and thrips haveing hard times mateing in wind conditions and bring fresh air in as much you can

    get this SMC just google It…i will post a picture as i dont know if im allowed to post links here

    this SMC was like a blessing for me

    here is the story
    Got spidermites ….sprayed SMC and all died even eggs

    then 2 weeks later got thrips , SMC again and made them gone

    Its ECO , cheap, smell Nice, dont need eye protection and most important you spray It once and no need again for eggs as It fucked all up, just i had problems with air in is Why bring me the and later the thrips

    and make sure there no dust, keep room clean

    Just dont spray in flowering, good luck

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  8. I just started using Lost Coast plant therapy for my aphids and SM. It seems to work incredibly well, but if it fails in the long run then that Evergreen product is my next one to try out.
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  9. The evergreen kills on contact. I would cover your soil if you use it. Be really sure your pets get nowhere near the sprayed area. My dachshund somehow rubbed an area I sprayed with his back. His hair stood straight up in patches. He didn't seem to have any other issues. I gave him a tiny dose of benadryl and he was fine. I remember some discussion about Lost Coast Therapy. It's basically peppermint oil,soy oil and citric acid,right? It works better than your peppermint essential oil spray?
  10. Yes, it’s got all of that, but the real killer ingredient is isopropyl alcohol. I’m sure all the ingredients works synergistically but the combo of isopropyl and citric seems to really do the trick. I’ve been battling these friggin cannabis aphids for six months with all sorts of combinations of EOs, soaps, and citric acid. IDK, but I never found a dosage of those that would do anything but barely slow them down. I was high dosing Dr Bronners peppermint soap to the point of phytotoxocity and it worked but was too much for the younger growth.
    So, upon the advice of others here I ordered a 2oz free sample. Guess what?
    That little sample made one gallon of spray. One application on a test area showed immediate results. Overnight, aphids were browning and with three dosages over three days I was able to wash the entire plant clean of thousands of dead aphid bodies. Plants look great, zero stress.
    I ordered more, we’ll saw how it goes. I am hoping to have found the silver bullet for these lil bastards. <_<
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