Which opiate WD is the worst?

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  1. What's worse: Hydrocodone withdrawal or Oxycodone withdrawal?

    I've had bad Hydro withdrawal before but I'm not sure what an Oxy withdrawal is like?
    Ive been using for a week, twice a day, 30 mg of roxycodone each roll. Will it be bad or am I just being paranoid?
  2. It's all opiate withdrawal I'm pretty sure it doesnt matter.
  3. Hydrocodone definitely. They're both fairly grueling, however.
  4. Oxycodone I would think. As far as opiates period, methadone takes the cake, you withdrawl for fucking EVER. Well, more like 10 days, but still, it's ridiculous
  5. as long s u are addicted then the WD is gunna suck . . . and bad
  6. It depends on how addicted you are to each one, im sure at some level they are all the same. But them being different drugs i dont know if you can translate one withdrawl directly to another and have a fair comparison. They all suck though.
  7. i just had a 4 day fentanyl streak (3 100mcg/hr patches in 4 days) and i didnt WD at all. its the longest streak ive had with any opiate. today was day 2 without anything (till an hour ago) and i havent WD'ed at all
  8. naw dude...methadone withdrawals can take up to MONTHS, compare that to heroin which is just about over a week
  9. dones for sure.
  10. the first time i tried to get of methadone i detoxed using 150 2mg klonopins and 600 mg of seroquel a day. i managed to stay off for 4 months yet i almost never slept, never had any appetite, had diarreah EVERY single day, and was just generally fucked up in every way. yet the day i got back on methadone i was 100% again. go figure

    edit: i wasnt taking 150 2mg klonopins a day that was the script for 3 weeks. the seroquel was 600mg a day
  11. He said Hydrocodone or Oxycodone. What the hell does Methadone and Heroin have to do with this?
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    I would think oxy.
  13. Yeah you don't become physically addicted to any drug after only a few days of use. It takes weeks of use for you to feel serious withdrawals.

  14. There is no way you are experiencing withdrawals from vicodin after a week use. Especially if you are only taking it twice a day. And to answer your question, oxycodone has a worse withdrawal then hydrocodone. And heroin and methadone are the hardest withdrawals people experience.
  15. *points to title*
  16. methadone is the worst cuz it lasts so long, pods are pretty bad too cuz they stay in your system for a while (not as long as dones), all opiate withdrawal will suck tho

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