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Which online seedbanks are the quickest,safest, overall best?

Discussion in 'Cannabis Seeds Banks' started by lantho650, Nov 27, 2010.

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  1. Attitude followed close by Seedbay

  2. 10% off attitude?

  3. yup just type 420 in the discount bar before you confirm and pay for your order

  4. wow nice! thanks for the info. do they do discounts on bulk orders too? if so how does it work? i usually get like 7 packs of any strain i buy
  5. i dont think they give anything higher or bigger discounts in bulk other than the UFO's but its 10% off the total order if that helps. i dont think it counts shipping but i could be wrong
  6. thanks. as long as i can get the 10% off then it doesnt matter that much anyway.

    one last question for you guys. is there any way to get an extra discount with dr chronic or hemp depot? bulk orders or discount codes? i used to get bulk order discounts with dr chronic but that was a long time ago. im trying to remember what the discount was or if anything changed
  7. still waiting... day 15 going here. ordered ww and skunk#1 from attitude with the extra shipping 6.50 for the shirt or whatever. supposed to be more discreet shipping method.
    Dr.Greenthumb is the best imho. takes less than a week everytime been ordering from there for 5 years. Takes credit cards, can be e-mailed direct or called direct. Canadian not european so less customs. ill post when or if i get me beans from attitude.
  8. do they ship to the states?
  9. in less than a week. yep
  10. Attitude is the best but I have also used Buy Dutch Seeds.

    BDS has cool as hell discrete shipping! Like James Bond shit!

    Attitude is awesome because of the GREAT FREE seeds :)

  11. ?????
  12. whats up with dr chronic? i emailed them like 4 days ago about a bulk discount and they never emailed me back. is it normal to take this long for a response?
  13. Still waiting...Ordered from Attitude 21 days ago and haven't received yet...wtf??
  14. that doesnt sound good. its either lost, delayed due to holidays, or customs snatched it. my guess would be delayed. ive recieved every order from attitude so im sure youll get it.
  15. I have an order out as well. I read an article about customs being more careful with freight because someone built a bomb in a printer and mailed it overseas. The article was about cuban cigar seizures being up 25 x the usual rate over thhe last few weeks. What we can hope for is that its taking longer to screen them but they will get through because they don't appear to have a bomb or cigars in it.
  16. got me beans from The Attitude 10 SuperSkunk and 10 WhiteWidow plus a T-shirt and 2 free beans power skunk and kannabia special from kannabia seeds. both fem. 23 days but I got it unharmed. Tha dam SuperSkunk from The Attitude beans are fricking 3x the size of any beans ive ever seen.dam.lol
  17. The size varies by strain and seed company.

    I've bought Dinafem seeds there that were kinda small, but Barney's Farm seeds are usually pretty big.

    Bean size doesn't effect germination or plant size for me.

    Also, I hate that I'm just now seeing this code 420 deal! I've ordered from attitude 3 times now and paid full price.
    Oh well, at least I got quality free seeds :)
  18. aside from the fact that the super skunk were huge, they were old and some had cracks in them. out of 6 germinated so far only 1 has come through. the ww from nirvana, every one of 3 have popped and grown 1 was behind the other 2 so i pulled it but all germed and grew. i got the mr.nice super silver haze/barneys tang dream/greenhouse super lemon haze on order now so, well see. I am learning more about genetics, and it seems it is all in the breeder. Greenthumb seeds are always viable, healthy and germ within days, nirvana ww yes, super skunk and joey weed nlxak not so much.
  19. thats funny, my last seeds of nirvana white widow and nirvana papaya didn't germ AT all.. ordered from nirvana store in amsterdam in person.. The same place they send their seeds from. Left a foul taste in my mouth..
  20. thats even funnier because my 10 pack of nirvana ice ive only tried to germ 4 and not 1 survived past seedling state. 2 broke ground and died within 2 days and the others just never broke at all. ive never had any other problems with other seeds, but i still thought it was something i was doing wrong so i saved the other 6 to try another time
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