Which ones are the best Zig Zangs?

Discussion in 'General' started by Miss.Jane, Aug 1, 2008.

  1. I went to stoner shop to buy some zig-zangs.
    But there was so many!
    I felt like a little kid shopping for candy!

    So i got some colorful ones but i didnt like them.

    So if anybody could tell me which ones are good.
    That would be sweet



  2. Try the silvers. I don't really like joints but when I do roll one I use those. :)
  3. Stick with the orange zags
    king size
  4. King size zig zags all day long. 1 1/4 is also the standard.
  5. dude, never get anything besides the orange, 1.25 Zig Zags. theyre the best papers for rolling PERIOD. SO easy to work with.

    thats all i use.. but dont go into a gas station and say "zig-ZANGS". hahaha, sounds kinda retarded.. thers no "N" in "zag".

    dont let anyone tell you different.. ive been rollin for over a decade now, and the oranges are the best ive seen.

    peace. :wave:
  6. Zig-Zangs ? what the fuck is that? The guy above me is right. Buy Zig-Zags, they are the best.
  7. haha you know the answer ORANGE all the way in every session im always the roller but sometimes when i wanna make a j for the ladies i roll with silver zig-zags they are really good 2
  8. Screw that noise, just get an Optimo or Swisher ciggarello and roll that up.
  9. im all about the orange zig zags.
    and the huge ass double wide easy widers if im lookin to roll a tremendous j.
  10. look for a pack thats shiny orange and silver, theyre more expensive BUT BY FAR the best for zigs, trust me, theyre zig zagg slow burners, come in a somewhat special package,


  11. Lol
    thats so true
    Its Zag
    i really dont smoke frome joints
    I usually smoke from bongs and pipes
    but when i'm on the go i like to light it up
    and smoke before i go some where
    but thank alot
    next time ill get the orange ones

  12. im pretty sure were talkin bout same kind haha, and yes theres no doubt theyre the best. i would be my mother AND fathers life on it.....

  13. 1 1/4. nothing better. fuck flavored papers. i want to taste the weed.

    oh, and king size for FAT joints. i mean you could roll at least an eighth in one of those if your good enough. i know i can :D (that means i roll good joints! OMG WTF LOL)

    i'm stoned
  14. orange 1.25 ftw
  15. Eh, no zig-zags...use EZWide 1 1/4.
    Maybe just because thats all i ever roll with.
    For blunts...honey dutch sports...so good...

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