which one?

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  1. Ok GC so far I got a metal pipe, glass spoon pipe,mini bubbler,6in hammer bubbler and 7in sherlock bubbler.
    and I want to purchase probly a mini bong eaither glass,ceramic.
    but idk which will be better and also which bong to pick:confused:

    So GC can u help me pick out a piece from gc idk what to go for
  2. grasscity has a lot of nice glass bongs and a lot of shitty cheap ones.
    if your buying a cheap one make sure the glass is not too thin. some of the
    cheap ones are thin and break easy. fucking sucks when you break a piece.
    so dont cheap out completely. pay at least 40buks.

    other than that just look for what you like. personally i would reccomend something
    with a ash catcher, or a percolator. their just so dam sweet. but percolator bongs are in the 60$+ range i believe. i think i saw one on sale for 50. or maybe that was 60. whatever.
  3. Hammers ftw
  4. yeah hammer is nice

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