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  1. Some of you might remember my thread a couple days ago about DXM cough syrup and all that junk. Today I went to the store, expecting to easily find some Robitussin, but end up overwhelmed with all the different typed and whatnot. So I walked out with Robitussin Cough LONG-ACTING since that's the only one that only had Dextromethorpan HBr, USP in the active ingredients that I looked at. It has 1.4% alcohol and 15mg of the Dextromethorphan stuff. It's small 4oz bottle like you guys recommended.
    But my point is, is this what I want? Will drinking the bottle of this get the effects I'm going for, and what's good or bad about this compared to other kinds of Robo.
  2. Is there any other active ingrediant?
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    Nope, I made sure that there weren't any others to be safe. If I study tonight, then drink the bottle, will I be good for tomorrow to take them test? Or would waiting it be a good idea?
  4. i would try Delsym if i were you.
    it tastes WAAAY better.
    it isnt as intense because its a time release formula.
    but it is still fucking intense.
    and it lasts like 12 hours.
  5. Ok, I'll look into that next time I'm in the store.
  6. It's all the same, people just like robo because it has more dxm per bottle. The stuff you have is fine, although it may not be enough to fully trip. If I were you I would grab another bottle, and do the first and 1/3-1/2 of the second bottle and wait an hour for it to kick in. Then if you dont feel like its enough up the dosage

    my first time it was decently intense off of one bottle, but all the next times it took much more. so start small and work your way up.
  7. Well I'm 5'6" 115, I was told 1 bottle would pretty much be plenty for a first time.
  8. One bottle will be absolutely fine. Also, congratulations, you got the right type of robo, because long acting is the best.
  9. oh my bad yeah 1s enough i thought you were lke 230 pds i read that in a diff thread.
  10. i highly suggest you wait...your gonna be afterglowin like a muthafucker for that test. i remember back in highschool...i took a big ass dose of that shit the night before and woke up for school...everyone said i looked like i was trippin hardcore and i got sent down to the office and expelled.
    note to self- dxm is not a drug you can just "pull off"

  11. That sucks...although I know a lot of people who can pull it off.
  12. Yesss :hello: I'm looking towards this long weekend, I think that will be a good time to try it out.

    Haha, nope, I guess I'm pretty small.

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