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  1. Which one of these plants do you think will come out the best? The one in the pot is under blurple lights ,the one in the 5 gallon pal is under full spectrum white lights?

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  2. One in the gray pot, the stem thicker and the nodes look more healthy( larger and bushy)
    I would all top the plants, so they become wide and bushy.
    About the lights, never used blurple.
  3. Am I supposed to top the autos it’s my first time growing auto flower
  4. I suggest that you get some experience with autos before topping etc.
  5. I agree I’m just gonna let these one go with the feeding schedule that was recommended by my friend Gator
  6. Just a blue light with some red
  7. This is my first time growing inside lots of outdoor never indoor
  8. Your first run is always a little nerve racking, but I think you're doing well, when they start to flower, we'll come up with a feed regimen, and then watch what happens hehe

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