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  1. Please and thank you !!
  2. well personally i would invest in some higher quality glass, both those brands have been known to break very easily and from the looks of it they're both going to have a bit of drag, the significant edge going to the quad 8 arm piece. that thing just looks like a drag machine lol. But anyhow, both those designs were ripped off Zob so if you wanna spend an extra 100-200 dollars id get a zob. it'll have less drag and last a lot longer. But if you want that quad perc one that'll be almost $2,000 i think.

    but if your heart is set on either one of those pieces, id get the wubbler with the inline to 8 arm. it'll have less drag and i think it'll be nicer to smoke out of

    for your budget maybe you could consider getting a stemline from apix design? Dan makes some solid glass
  3. I +1 canibuss if I were in your situation I would get $200 zob scientific bubbler

  4. my bugit is about 200 i would preferably want a saxo bong with nice percolation what would you suggest i dosent have to be on this site
  5. hmm, for 200 i would probably go with a zob of sorts. i found the exact inline - 8 arm zob that i was talking about on craigslist in my area for $200.. which basically means $150.

    if you don't feel like getting a zob, like ApixDesign on Facebook and send him a message about his stemlines and how much they go for. thats probably the best bang for your buck diffusion your going to find anywhere.

    if you don't feel like going with apix you might as well check out luke wilson's (leisure glass) 6 arm bubbler

    or you could check out HVY they make a 4 arm tube that you could afford. then you could always change out the downstem for an SG gridded one to increase your diffusion

    headford also makes a nice inline bubbler for around your price

    syn is also a brand worth looking into

    if someone told me to just invest in good glass from the beginning.. i would have saved a lot of money lol and if you feel like saving a few bucks.. check out craigslist

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