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  1. Hey everyone,

    I'm a first time grower and am growin in a closet that's 6ftx4ftx8ft. I have a ebb and flow hydro system set-up right now, 2 208w 2ft. T5 CFL's. I was wondering what the best technique to grow in this closet space might be?

    Something else?

  2. You could try LST and than once its filled the pot, let it grow up into the SCROG and start flowering. That is what I am currently attempting.
  3. I have thought about that. The only reason i was thinkin against it is cuz I have 19 seeds planted right now and I don't think I have enough space for grow more than 4 LST plants. I'm gonna try to pump out clones once these first seeds come through and SCROG them.

  4. Well its up to you, 19 plants is a heck of a lot and as far as yield goes you shouldnt need to lst or scrog lol.

    but really lst and scrog is just to maximize your yield while minimizing your height, if you think you will have a low yield then i suggest trying these methods otherwise just leave it be.

    Hopefully someone with more experience will come on in
  5. Haha seriously, I've done tons of research but I know I'm still gonna be messin up till I get some expereince.

    It's 19 SEEDS, I'm gonna have to pick out all the males still (predidcted 8-12 plants).
    Those are the plants that I'm gonna try to top and SCROG and then clone off of.
  6. predict 8 most. dont get your hopes up
  7. Thats what I'm thinkin, but you never know! I'm gonna start a grow journal on this pretty soon, pics comin up tonight
  8. if you're a first time grower, and worried about space, just top em.

    No need to add more work for the first few grows. especially when its not really gonna effect your yield that much. training is what you use AFTER you got the basics down to increase yield. till then you'll have your hands busy enough with just pH , Nutrient problems and questions

    my .02
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    With a small space, more plants are not needed. You're looking for biomass, not number of plants. You can get the same yield with 4 plants as you can with 12 squished together plants. Besides, more plants means more nutes/ferts/water and maintenance! Pick 4 or 5 of your best females and get them under the best treatment you can. I'd recommend the scrog method, it'll just about double your yield, especially in a small space. Check out wharfrats guide on Supercropping too, utilize that method and you'll do great!

  10. Warfrat,
    It is my first grow. Do you think that should matter though? I know I will probably have some problems, but I was just gonna use the SCROG to control their height and growth.
  11. Maryed Man,

    Thanks for the reply! So far we have 3 sprouts (I'll put up pics on my grow journal later tonight about the updates) of the 19 seeds. If I don't get many more sprouts poppin up (they were mostly horrible seeds anyways) I'm just gonna grow the few we have big on a SCROG. Next grow, I'm gonna get some better seeds from attitude seedbank.
  12. Give em time, they may sprout yet. If they're not great seeds, plant em outdoors somewhere while ya wait for your real seeds, then ya can get a little bit of practice for your real run. Then you can try any number of things with those plants and not have to worry about it. And good choice on seedbank, they're a good brand. And wharf had a point, but I'd say go all out, shoot for the best you can do and learn along the way, just make sure to read all you can while growing. Can never know too much!
  13. I have definitely been reading. I've been slaving over this website trying to learn every little bit I can. I'm hoping those will still sprout, just leavin' them and hopin. I would try to plant them outdoors but I live in a city without any places really to grow, plus our site is an apartment so we don't have a backyard or anything. Anyways, just updated my journal if y'all want to see the home-made duct I made to get air-flow into the grow room.
  14. If its been more then 3 days waiting for sprouts try taking tweezers and with each seed carfully on the seem squeeze till it cracks a bit and wait a day.... Anything that's gonna sprout will have

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