Which one would you grow next?

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  1. 15033552397661666699913.jpg Thinking forward to my next indoor grow, which one would you grow next? Are there any here that you would absolutly NOT want to grow indoors?

    Was thinking the royal cookies :)

    let me know your thoughts
  2. This is the outdoor grow forum.;)
  3. Yea i saw that...anyway i can switch it or do i scrap it and restart? New to grass city

    Growing some of these outdoor next year...which one would you pick?
  4. No worries man. But if you were wondering why no one responded, then either/or.
  5. Bunch of dutch stuff....... I would go with Barney farms. The LSD is hard to grow however.
  6. What makes it hard to grow? Just curious. And would you do it inside or out?

    what do you mean ditch stuff as well...lol
  7. Dutch..... As in from Holland.

    The LSD if I remember correctly is very sativa dominate. Those can be harder to grow with time and size restraints.
  8. Not at the house right now but im pretty sure i bought all indica dominant strains...sativas wouldnt do well in my climate so i tried not to get any. Gunna have to double check. And then i got a couple autos for my wife to play with lol
  9. Blue Mystic is where its at ,it s a great plant to do indoors ,.Gotta give Nirvana credit there seeds are great
  10. Just seen the incredible Bulk ,scratch the Blue Mystic .Inc Bulk is a beast super good smoke and if you grow it in a hydro setup one plant will be as good as growing 10 regular plants,crazy yield,You won t be disappointed.
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