which one would you choose?

Discussion in 'General' started by LordHeinich19, May 26, 2006.

  1. I thought this was pretty ingenious so dont flame if it sounds stupid


    A) a hot threesome

    B) a garbage bag full of weed (mids, not dank)
  2. weed...beacuase i can have 3somes anytime..
  3. B for sure

    normal sized garbage bag or are we talking industrial here?
  4. haha, i dunno... those kinda small wastebasket ones definitely not industrial or everyone would pick A hahaha oh my freakin... i meant B
  5. Id pick the weed then have a 3some while high
  6. both use the money you save on weed to buy two hookers and smoke em out then bang the shit out of them, best of both worlds
  7. Threesomes are overrated. Gimme da bag.
  8. Bag of weed for sure, sex is best one-on-one:=>()
  9. sell the bag of weed....get money.....get the 3some
  10. Weed.
    Bitches comes and go, a garbage bag of weed is a rarity.

  11. well are these celebrities we're talking about or just normal girls cuz idk i might go for the threesome if certain people we're involved...plus it's mids so are they like seedy mcshwagg mids or like nice ass mids cuz idk if i want a garbage bag full of shitty weed to be honest...
  12. edit..

    originally i chose the threesome..

    now I choose C all of the above..

    threesome while smoking the garbage bag of weed.
  13. nice colonel..or however u spell ur name..im soo stoned
  14. this is off topic.. be warned...

    you spelled it right.. however what is confusing is I am Colonelspride and my bf is TheColonel...

    people call me cp......

    so not to confuse us.
  15. haha, so many people want both! yes the threesome would include celebrity level hottness. heres the situation... u accidentily walk in on a very important party and see 2 bi's gesturing for you to come over to them, then your cell phone rings... its ur dealer/friend/both and he/she says that they found a small garbage bag of mids and is willing to share it with you if you come over immeadiately... both of these options are once in a lifetime (for most people).

    edit: and no you cant invite them over, they have a drug test tommorrow or something

    edit: and the weed is definitely not shitty, nor is it the bomb. mid-grade... no seeds... maybe some leaves or stalks but barely any.
  16. I would pick the one I've never had before. :yay:

  17. weed man. for all i know them bitches might have aids if they just pick out a random dude to fuck at a party.
  18. Bag of weed... But, umm can I wait til im off probation? ;)

    I can have threesomes any time..

    Or I can just have sex with my girlfriend, then call my male friend and have sex with him.

    haha. *sigh* no, that wont be considered a threesome.
  19. good thinking... but at least their not hookers

    edit: this message was in response to TALON
  20. Id go with the threesome cause I never had one before I like weed but not more than I love pussy-Thurgood Jenkins-Half Baked

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