Which one of these seed packets should I buy?

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  1. Northern Lights, White Widow, Master Kush, Super Skunk or Afghan from amsterdam seed bank dot com. 10 + 20 free for the same price as 3,5 or 8 on other sites
  2. Anyone with experience actually growing these seeds. I've read online that White Widow, Super Skunk and Northern Lights are the best for beginners but the others were in the beginners section of this site and I've always liked the indica kushes and I've seen afgan goo grown outdoors and it was dank gooey stanky amazingness so the original afghan would be interesting to grow. I've also seen durban poision which was super sticky and dank and have heard it be recomended for beginners on this site. Some feedback from people who have actually grown plants from these same seeds.
  3. 1st of all, AMS is a bunk seed site( which ASB is an affiliate of .). and you will get ripped off.
  4. Hit up attitude or nirvana
  5. Do NOT order seeds from AMS.
    90% chance you will get screwed.

    Check out Attitude.
  6. You can try them out if you have a hungry parakeet. But at the same time it might starve cause they may never come.
  7. what does a seed with black stripes mean?
  8. it's in prison ? plays great guitar?

    okay for real..it means it is healthy.
  9. [quote name='"Wharfrat74"']it's in prison ? plays great guitar?

    okay for real..it means it is healthy.[/quote]


  10. Witty

  11. I can be wrong but most likely it is some sort of kush. I have a collection of 25-30 strains and those which are "kush" have different ( striped) color from other strains .
  12. Lols ............quit talking out your ass
  13. I've heard it meant blueberry but I'd just take it as good seed or healthy like wf said.

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