Which one is more stoned?

Discussion in 'General' started by KronosX, May 2, 2002.


Which is more stoned?

  1. :smoke:

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  2. :smoking:

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  1. Which smilie is more stoned?
  2. Look, just fuck you.

    Godamn post whore.
  3. jealous?
  4. if only i could achieve such a desireable status as "post-whore"


    Ps- the second smiley is way more blazed.
  5. dude, the second one is stoned off his fucking ass!

  6. IM more stoned...! :D
  7. I dunno
  8. First one's more stoned (meaning just ultimateley relaxed couch lock etc) where as the second one's more high (full of energy and giggling lots).

    I hope that made sense
  9. i voted for the closed-eyes dude, because usually that's when you're stoned the most, when you're so lit you can't open your peepers
  10. well, I picked the second one, but as long as they're both stoned...
  11. I picked the first one...he looks so serene...happy. The other just looks fucked up. To me, weed is about enlightening yourself...and anyone you can help along the way is cool too.

  12. Yeah, but the more stoned you get the more fucked up you're gonna look right? :smoking:
  13. right now, the first one seems either whitying or completely pass-out couch locked, while the second just looks really baked.. however, he has that fucking crazy 6 gram rastafarian spliff in his mouth, so after theyve finished smoking i have a feeling the second will be a lot higher..

    can you say "overanalyze"?
  14. Can we add a third image to this poll? I am the most stoned...and this is what I look like...[​IMG]


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