Which of these strains is most suited for my location?

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  1. I'm looking to pick 1 or 2 of the strains below that will finish at 42 degrees longitude outdoors. The spot is well sun-lit and they'll be grown in pots. The only concern I have is that my October, September sun is not as strong.

    I'll use either Reserva Privada or Cali connection seeds of these sorts
    (if you could suggest any other seed bank that finishes earlier ,let me know)

    OG Kush (Or OG #18)
    Sour Diesel
    White widow

    Humidity goes from 50 to 80%, but it doesn't feel like its humid.
    Average temperature in summer (june-august) is around 23c (73f) - it feels hot outside.

    Highest average temperature in September - 24C 75F
    Lowest average temperature in September - 14C 57F

    Highest average temperature in October 18C 64F
    Lowest average temperature in October 10C 50F

    Which ones finish the earliest and will they make it?
    If you have any other suggestions for strains ,let me know but I'd really like to grow some of the ones I've mentioned.
    Thanks a lot!!
  2. I'd try the headband personally, the temperature seem to fit better :smoke:
  3. [quote name='"Junior DANK"']I'd try the headband personally, the temperature seem to fit better :smoke:[/quote]

    I second that. I've grown headband and it does great in cold temps.
  4. I understand that the Sour D wont finish completely here
    So its OG 18 + Headband and can you recommend what I should grow for 3rd sort?

    Will the Super lemon haze finish?
    Just give me some quality strain options

  5. I'd either try some auto haze (Silverhaze feminized auto is very, very potent and finishes in about 12 weeks from start) or some other short finishing strains; normal haze would take to long to ripe mature buds without all the moist problems you'll get in october.
    Look for strains that have a short flowering period, they're your best option.
    Btw I'm growing at approx. 50 degrees so I'm familiar with these kind of problems..
  6. Yeah but auto's don't yield much. And yield is important to me.
  7. Nl is a good strain. Super skunk too.
  8. Is NL good yielding? Also I heard it's mold prone, is that true?
    Between NL and Super Skunk, which one should I go for?
  9. Probably super skunk. I'm in florida. Never had mold problems. 100% humidity and 90 temps in flower. Rain rain rain. Lol.
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    NL is a pac northwest strain if I remember right. It does well outdoors in Oregon with wet falls. Not sure in humid areas though. I grew it in the bush it did well and had very litle oder. I grew the NL Original from KC Brains. 20 plants a year for 5 years with no mold. On the slower side but not bad.

    Friend has grew Hollands Hope with no mold as well in Oregon. Hollands hope was made for wet wet conditions. Again not sure of humid areas. What regoin you in?

    SD was my slowest plant last year.
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    Im in mid europe . 42 degree latitude. Not really all that humid ~50-80%

    With the temps Ive given, do you think the Super Lemon Haze will finish?
  12. Female Seeds Purple Maroc is a good one (average high but nice yield and resistance and very early). I grew it
    Since you're in Europe, you can also order Philosopher's seeds Early Maroc, said to be even earlier and more potent than the FSPM (not tried)
    Also Reggae Seeds Juanita Lagrimosa is a reputed one (growing this year). Spanish seedbank
    Also I'm a big fan a Female Seeds Grapefruit (very resistant, actually bullet proof, and strong high, finish is mid / end Oct). I grew it
    FS Easy sativa is also for outdoors (more a day time smoke but nice and early)
    Also I like Paradise Seeds sensi star (mid oct, killer high). I grew it
    Dinafem are also reputed ( i never grew em) for outdoors like Moby Dick or Amnesia (not tried). Spanish
    Also Cannabiogen Caribe and Destroyer are good for outdoors (i never tried those but would seeing their rep.)
    Also Medical seeds have good ones (1024 or Y Griega) super potent and well reputed (never tried). Spanish
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    Auto's come in many shapes and sizes. When they were first introduced, auto's didn't yield that much, but much has changed. There are lots of auto's capable of yieldin' over 80 grams a plant, some even more if growed and trained in the best conditions.
    I've got a few auto's flowering right now and one of them is over 1m10 and full of buds thickening. I estimate she'll produce at least 100 gram, so I guess it's all a matter of what you find acceptable.
    But the really big yielders are not auto's, that is correct. If you think you'll make it in time, I would choose regular strains too, but if you're short in time, then auto's are not a bad choice. You may want to grow a few more to get the yield you need.

    ps: I have to agree with 5150. Hollands Hope is a good choice too, grown them before and they can cope with the humidity and cold. Good strain for 42 and above latitudes.

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