Which of these should I buy?

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  1. I recently looked in several stores in portland oregon and these are two tubes that caught my eye.
    This green bong was probably 3" longer than the other, it was priced at 150$
    Double tree percs W/ ice pinch

    Mushrooms, 100$ Ice pinch with diff down steam
    I can't decide but I will be picking out a new bowl for it as well.
    How much do Ghost bowls cost?
  2. Ghost bowls are 80+
    and id say mushroom one cuz looks thicker and the top one looks like its a thin china one
  3. i would pass on both but would definitely would stay away from the first one cause of those percs

  4. show me a ghost for $80
  5. Yeah i would personally always go with the thicker glass, depending on how big the price difference is. But its worth it if it will last you a long time, although the green one is really nice and i kinda like it more haha
  6. Id go with the second one. Looks thicker and the percs on the first are going to have some drag...plus the art is pretty cool...That or skip the bowl and buy a designer like roor
  7. my bros bud has one payd 80$ for it, not the best ghost bowl but was 80$
  8. dude i would pass on both just like yawbus suggests.
    the first one - china glass + super drag because of shitty design/quality
    the second one - its cool, and looks thick but its only a normal 'ol bong

    if your gonna go 150 or near there, maybe try for a nice inline bong? if your gonna want quality, which you should, its prob gonna be just 150-200 alone for a good inline bong. if you can wait a little longer, you could possibly get a good quality inline bong WITH some kind of tree-arm. i know hbg 8arm/inline usually go 300 and hbg 4arm/inline goes maybe 250-280. so im sure you can hussle down the players at the shop and get a really nice bong if you wait.
  9. I'd be weary of the china percs. I know from first hand experience how easy they break. For that amount of money you could find a nicer thick tube. But, in the end, it's your bong so do what make you happy. But having a bong with broken percs = :cry:
  10. The Green one was noticeably draggy (even without water) but it's base felt thicker than the mushroom bong. I agree the green seems like china glass, and I know for a fact the guy who did the shrooms one is a local guy. I do still live with my parent's so I'll be investing more in a different bong later in life, so for now I'd like to spend 150-200$ and I love the inline (I was planning on getting an inline slide for the mushroom one if I buy it). I was looking at Ehles online but the carbs just bug me haha
  11. Hello, +rep for posting pictures and asking for advice before buying. I happen to know that both of those are chinese pieces, so avoid them.

    I would recommend going to Smoking Glass in Portland and seeing what they have.
  12. the second one.. you know its local glass and its $50 cheaper.

  13. As a matter of fact the Second tube with the mushrooms is from smoking glass...
  14. 2nd one looks better, dont go for china percs
    and ghost bowl would be 150-300. Hard to find any lower than that, and ofcourse there are some over.

  15. they're out there
  16. I'd go with neither one, and a relatively simple tube that looks like it will hit like a rocket maybe with ice pinches if you can find. I also like straight beakers as opposed to bubble beakers
  17. i too would like you to show me one as well,,,$150 on up ,,,never seen nor heard of one that cheap,,i want it if you can find it,,,peace LEAR

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