Which of these scenarios are worse?

Discussion in 'General' started by emdyeks, Sep 5, 2007.

  1. Wanting to smoke but not having anything, OR having quite the stash but not being able to touch it until who knows when because you have way too much work to do.

  2. Wanting to smoke but not having any is the worst. Atleast you know when the work is done you can get blazed.
  3. First one. Becuase second one doesnt happen, if i have a lot of bud and a lot of work to do i either finish it within a few hours then smoke or just do the work while high. But this is only if i want to smoke. If i have a shit load of work to do and a lot of bud, ill just get the work done.
  4. how about if you have alot of weed but youre getting DT in a couple days?!?!
  5. no sir. i have the worst one. beeing in a family members house staying for a weekend and having some DANK shit and a bowl and not having a lighter.....GOD THAT FUCKING SUX!!!!
  6. tony poetatoes, that happend to you?
  7. I have a different scenario for you that trumps them both :(

    Coming home from a long day of work to find the (much) larger of two jars of your last stash has gone moldy...

    24gr down the drain... :(

    Yes... I know that I can make hash out of it, but I don't have access to nor the money to buy bubble bags...

  8. how would one prevent this travesty from happening? Did you have them in an airtight jar?
  9. the grass is always greener, imo...

    and about moldy weed (yeah okay this is sort of a hijack), how can you tell if your weed's gone moldy--and more importantly, how can you prevent it?
  10. Yeah, standard mason jar, really sealed in my basement... i always knew the bud wasn't quite ready to be sealed, but I was burping them regularly, then slowed, then I guess I forgot to burp them for a day or two too long :(

    One of the downsides of buying in large batches I guess... I'm planning to pick up a small freezer and start vacuum sealing it...

    Live and learn!
  11. what do you mean "not quite ready to be sealed"? If I just bought some from a friend and instead of smoking it all in like a week, just stash it in an air tight canister, would that be ok? Also, what does it meant to "burp" them?
  12. "ready" meaning a little too damp... and burping them means to open the jar and let fresh air in and stale damp air out... eventually (after a few weeks of daily burping) they'd be ready for a weekly burp...

    I didn't burp for weeks... 10-12 regularly before I got way to stoned from the other jar to remember to keep burping :)
  13. How about having a bag of mids but no piece to smoke out of. Anything above shwagg deserves the honor of being smoked out of an actual piece. Luckily I'm holding on to a friend's at the moment, so I have one now.

    There aren't any shops within about 200 miles of here, it sucks.
  14. is the worst scenario.
    probably because i can always get bud
    i <3 my life...
  15. I've been out for 20 days now. I'd have to say that not having any 420 while wanting to smoke is the worst! The worst!

  16. Yea the 1st one is worse, which is what im experiencing and it suxs being dry, at least you know there is a nice reward for your hard days work.

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