which of these 4 mini bongs should I buy

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  1. The very first one will become your first bong young one! :O
  2. oya first one forsure!! rip it!
  3. Well, #1 & #3 are listed as out of stock... and this is Grass City, so I'll say #2. :D

    I'd say 1 or 2 if both were in stock... or you don't mind waiting for #1.

  4. Alright i'll go for #1 and i'll wait a week or so but if gc doesn't restock it by then i'll just buy it at anothersite
  5. go with #3 or #4....they look the coolest

  6. The only reason im choosing #1 is becuase of the enlarged chamber at the bottom= fatter rips.

  7. ya I agree 4 does look the best
  8. You could contact them and see if they can tell you when it will be back in stock.

    I doubt you'd really see much of a difference between 1 & 2 if you're in a rush, though.

  9. I was going to think of something to reply to your comment but i'm high and got mesmerized by your signature Hydro

  10. Ya i submitted a request so i guess ill wait and find out how long
  11. 1. seems it would have the least splash
  12. 4 looks the best... but can't stand bongs with carbs... even if it is a mini, it should have a slide
  13. Don't get any of them!!! Go on etsy and get a soul shine travil tube. It's $40 and comes with a slide and a free k clip. Lessthanjessy just got one and it looks solid. It's hand blown from a greAt guy. He's got a thread on it like 4 up from this one. That would be ur best wayto go. Molino kinda suck bro
  14. [​IMG]

  15. God damn bongs are cheaper than I remember. 20 bux for a glass 1-footer is a fucking steal. I remember back in the day buying acrylics for like 30-40 bux a pop.

  16. I went to that site and the ones you posted in the picture are like $100

  17. #3 has a slide
  18. numero 2, my friends first mini piece and i loved it

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