Which nutrients for environmentally damaged transplants?

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  1. So I have 7 clones that are doing ok but they've had some harsh col/hot and low humidity issues. Not too bad, but it's evident on the plants so far. I am looking at nutrients to help bring these babies back up to par. I'm deciding between FoxFarm Big Bloom, Advanced Nutrients Voodoo Juice, and Floralicious plus from General Hydroponics. I'm definitely picking up some silica and I was considering Kelp as well, but I realized that Fox Farm Big Bloom already has kelp in it. So what nutes would you recommend for my transplants now that they're environment is more secure?

  2. Well if you want to stick with fox farm, they have their boomerang formula.
    It's suppose to be designed for plants who are recovering from shock and are a little "fragile". Really, It looks like it's just a super diluted nutrient with some really nice micro nutrients to help a sick plant (boron, zinc, magnesium, ect.). Also has some beneficial bacteria in it as a bonus!
  3. I have no experience with boomerang, but from what I've read/seen it looks fantastic.

    Big bloom is a great root developer as well.
  4. Would you guys choose AN Voodoo juice or FF Bushdoctor boomerang?
  5. I'm a fox farms guy, so my opinion is biased...

    Go with the fox farms. Just do it, you know it feels right...
  6. I'm actually leaning more towards the Voodoo juice. I guess it's the cool logo, but they're both microbial based. Hmm, I don't think Voodoo juice is organic though....
  7. Lol. Apples and oranges. I've heard good things about both companies.
  8. haha cool cheers
  9. Take into consideration voodoo juice is just a microbial suppliment. There is a bit of vit b2 in there but on there then that it's pretty plain. Advance nutes does a good job of making sure you buy multiple products to achieve maximum results.
    They do have sick labels though :)
    Do a good job advertising!
  10. For sure. I went with that one. It's not a stand alone supplement. I use General Hydro multi-series right now. The boomerang is also a microbial, but Fox Farm didn't list what else is in it so I just went with Voodoo since they're basically the same thing and I read good reviews on the Voodoo.
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    Oh nice. GH makes a solid product. Are you using their three part flora series, Nova or duo series?
  12. Ya I'm using the Floraseries and some extras. I ran out of Floralicious plus already. It was a small 1 oz. bottle. But it seemed to perk my girls right up. I'll probably order that one again next. I just need to coax the girls back to health a little first.
  13. Yeah. The floralicious plus is a pretty sweet additive. It's mainly a humic acid, which tends to stick around in your grow medium for some time, so theoretically you should see its benefits for a while.
    Was it the little sample bottle? With the dropper top?
  14. Sure was. It went quick. I think they added it as a strong pick me up like you said. It came with the entire series along with a PH tester, Root enhancer, and Florakleen for flushing.
  15. Lol I know just the sample your talking about.

    For future refrance, I found that 1ml per Gallon, whether in hydro or soil, will do wonders. The stuffs super concentrated.
  16. Oh really? That little bit huh? Well ok. Cheers, that should last me a bit longer like that then.

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