Which nurse do you prefer?

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  1. The word "love" is used in many different ways. Eros, philia, storge and agape all meant some kind of "love" in ancient Greek. Unfortunately the contemporary English language does not differentiate between the possible meanings, and so the conversations quickly become confusing. And many times (always?) there is the explicit assertion that "free will" is oh, so very important, because without free will there cannot be "real love". Is that true? I don't think so.

    Let's talk about "agape", divine love or selfless love.

    This meaning does not presuppose emotion. What about "volition"? Does "volition" add anything to this kind of "love"? Suppose we talk about a hospital nurse, who devotes her life to helping the patients. And suppose that the human nurse is quietly substituted by a robotic one. Suppose that from the ourside there is no difference, the robot looks just like the human counterpart. Of course, there is a difference, the robot cannot get tired, cannot get irritated, her attention cannot wander, she never has "family" problems, or a "bad hair day", she is always there the help - unlike a human nurse. If correctly programmed, she can never make a mistake. But she does not care about the patients, she merely cares for the patients.
    However, A robot cannot lend a sympathetic ear, or truly comfort you. You cannot thank a robot, or appreciate it the way you can appreciate a human. A robot has no intuition, or "gut feeling", a robot has no soul, no connection to the patient.

    Personally, I would choose a robotic nurse over a human, any day. The fact that the robot has no "free will", she must follow her programming is not a hindrance, it is an asset.

    What is your opinion?

    (a) The robot nurse is preferred, because...
    (b) The human nurse is preferred, because...
    (c) No preference, they are both equally good
    (d) No opinion
  2. It depends what I'm in the hospital for. If I'm in a life threatening situation I'd prefer the robot, if not, probably the human one. Mainly because I don't care about socializing or someone lending me an ear if my life depends on it.

    If I know beforehand I'll be fine, it's nice to have that kind of human interaction. If I'm in critical condition, I just want to stay alive, that's where the hyper-efficient robot comes in.
  3. How hot is the human nurse?
  4. Have you ever been is a hospital for a lengthy period of time? Id guess nurses are pretty much the only people you see so Id have to say human. Now if we were talking about doctors Id say robot..
  5. I'll choose the robot because it's programmed for the job.
    A human nurse, as any other human is also programmed (by the society, parents, etc.), with much more complicated programs.
    There's no free will, it's an illusion.
    For example, when you have to make a decision and you pick up a choice, that was the only choice you were going to choose. Your programming make it so.
  6. I would probably chose the robotic nurse. It is a lot better and gets me my stuff faster right? Plus, the hospital doesn't have to pay a nurse now, my bill will be smaller!

    Personal preference aside, I can see no reason to favor the human nurse besides the need for some social contact.

    I think love is an artificial concept. Its a word that describes complex emotions and shit. I don't find much use for the word love, besides to let my family and friends know that I care about them and shit like that. I would go so far as to say that love isn't even real, and that when people speak of love they are just mistaking love for the emotions that are elicited by people they care about. What is the point of having the term "love" when we can so accurately describe the forces behind what most people consider to be love? I guess so we can easily communicate lol, but seriously: in a philosophical sense I don't think love even exists.

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