which nirvana seeds to buy?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by fotwenyman, Jun 9, 2004.

  1. this will be my first grow. the box will be about 4ft x 1.5ft x 4ft high. going to go with a 250 hps. this will be a stealth grow and i will be using a carbon scrubber or ozone generator or something. i need a really newbie-friendly yet incredible strain. actually i need two. im thinking of getting nirvana seeds. either northern lights and white rhino, or NLxshiva or NLxbig bud or NLxhaze or ak 48 or papaya. what would u guys recommend?
  2. With white rhino and big bud you're going to get a lot of sativa traits. Which will be bad for a 4 ft grow box. I'm not too sure about haze and shiva and all of that.... Ak 48 would be a good choice, because I've heard that in can actually flower faster than top 44. And it's supposed to be very potent.

    My 2 cents, ak and nl.
  3. do ak's smell a lot?
  4. ak smells a lot. a whole lot. but while on the subject of nirvana seeds, anyone know why so cheap?
  5. because they're imitations of other "well-known" strains from different companies? does anyone know if bubblicious or blue mystic would be good?
  6. Nd..... I have thought a lot about nirvana seeds and why they're so cheap. I've heard a lot of compliants about the qaulitity of their seeds as well...... However, I still think they're a step up from bag seed and good for the begginer, because atleast they'll have some idea of what they're germinating.

    A lot of the compliants and stuff that I have heard, like they're "imitations" etc kinda planted a thought in my head.

    Could it be possibly that the nirvana people buy expensive ass seeds from other companies, like serious seeds or dutch passion, etc and then just make f2s?

    Like cross nl with nl to make more nl..... nl f2's that is.

    Or to buy big bud and nl breed them and sell the seeds as bbxnl even though they did no backcrossing or anything like that.

    I mean think about it, that would be the easiest way to make more seeds. Less qaulitity, more qaunitity and way less time breeding...... I think that what I just described might be exactly how nirvana makes such cheap seeds.
  7. It'd probally be a worthy experiment to take some dutch passion (or other expensive breeder) seeds, and to produce f2's. (Maybee after the harvest leave a few lower/smaller buds and pollinate them).

    Then to take say that f2 and set up a grow with the f2's you made and to throw in nirvana genetics of the same strain and see if they perform similar...... Looking for things like, lots of different phenos, slow growth, and vigour....

    That'd definately be a good experiment and it might prove my theory right or wrong......

    I'd do it, but I don't want to grow to experiment, I want find what works, stick with it, and smoke the best.... still I'm curious. :D
  8. hmmm well that sux, i was lookin into nirvana, may have to rethink things. although an f2 couldnt be that bad. i suppose if i had more space i could have more going on. in a way, i guess less is better. would you still recommend nirvana though?
  9. what strains have u purchased from the doc shortyottomatix? and what brand seeds?
  10. i paid £10 for 10 seeds from Nirvana, and all were fine

    i paid £80 for 10 femenised Dutch Passion seeds, and only 1 was good the rest were hermie,

    better to strt off with a cheaper seed, till you get to grips with it first.

    Peace out.........Sid
  11. I've heard missed reviews of nirvana seeds. And I guess the displeased speak the loudest.....

    I'm sure some seed packs are fine and others are really shitty, I mean there's really know way to tell what seed is going to make the best female plant just from the seed.....

    Who knows maybe some people that got a bad batch of seeds really didn't that bad of a batch after all. They could of had an awesome father in there or something.

    And I'm sure some people have found just the perfect clone mom and are still using her clones in their boxes.

    The problem with nirvana seeds is not that they are superb or just absolutley shitty. (If they were THAT shitty they wouldn't sell and if they were superb they'd cost a lot more.)

    I think the real problem with them is consistency. It's been an observation of mine that you never really know what you're going to get untill you get it. Like there could be a lot of mixed up phenos, some hermies, any kind of shit like that. It's just sort of a shot in the dark at getting good genetics.

    But, for the newbie you can't go wrong. If you're that worried about not finding the perfect clone mother, I would recomend buying atleast 2 packs of each strain you intend of growing. Like if you want to grow nlxbb and nl the just buy 20 of each seed.... It'll double your chances of finding a perfect mom.

    As for me, I've ordered nirvana's white rhino from the Doc. I don't have height problems though. These plant could grow up to 6' and I'll still have a little room. (Although 7 will probally be pushing it). And I haven't grown them yet, I'm trying to save them for a little bit. Right now I'm attempted to germinate some skunk red hair and bagseed. (I think I ruined the skunk red hair). I tell ya how it turns out.

    I'm hate having seeds shipped to my house, and I have a buddy growing serious seed's "chronic" he said he'd sell my clones for 10 bucks each. That's WAY too much, but I might buy a well rooted clone and put her under some cfls untill she gets big enough to start cutting clones for my 600w sog grow.
  12. shortyottomatix: would a carbon scrubber eliminate the odor from a white rhino or an ak 48?
  13. Yeah it should help to eliminate some of the odor. But if you want to be safe, you could use a carbon filter, and an ozone generator.....

    I've got a friend that has a "real" job and she doesn't like people to know that she smokes. Most the company that comes over to her house are the kind of people that smoke.

    So everytime after she smokes she runs her ozone generator, and you would not believe the difference it makes.

    All the odor is eliminated but it makes the air smell kinda funny, it sorta smells bleachy or something.
  14. Growing some Nirvana No. light right now from Dr. chronic seeds. Very good looking with minimal smell (so far). Began flowering last month and 7 out of 10 were ladies. Dr. Chronic sent me 10 skunk seeds free for mentioning the City!
  15. a carbon filter and ozone generator? can that all fit in or near the box im planning to built? what really is the difference between these two? is it possible to built both in a box? or just buy one and make the other?
  16. You don't necasarily need either....

    A carbon filter would be easier to build into the box (and can easily be built for about 50 bucks).

    An ozone gernerator can be placed anywhere, under your bed anywhere. And if by chance anybody sees it, just tell them you or your girlfriend have asthma and it's a machine to help purify the air making it easier for them to breathe at night. (It's says "air purifyier" right on the side)..... They are fairly expensive though (probally in the 200 range). But, they're the way commerical grows take care of smells, and if it's good enough for commerical growers, it's good enough for me.

    If you can't afford either.... Nag Chumba is the answer. It's available at spencers, smoking shops, or just any where that sells incense. You can't smell shit through nag chumba.... but you can't burn it all the time either.

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