Which new console are you going to buy?!?

Discussion in 'General' started by Koopa, May 20, 2005.


Which one do you want?

  1. Microsoft XBOX 360

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  2. Sony Playstation 3

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  3. Nintendo Revolution

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  1. As you may know, the 3 videogame superpowers will be putting out a new console most likely in 2006. Which one do you think you are going to buy? I want to buy Nintendo: Revolution simply for the fact that they have a feature you can connect to a database with all the games beginning with the ones on the orignal Nintendo. "20 years of Nintendo hits".

    Thats GANGSTA.
  2. ps3 is going to be the most kickass
  3. I heard ther gonna cost like 300-500

    Id just buy a badass bong instead I want a bong so bad
  4. i picked xbox 360 cuz...thats what i'm gonna get! :D

    but yeah you should have put another option: "all systems"

    cuz i'm getting all of them mabye i know i'm getting 360 and ps3
  5. Ugh, the console wars are so getting out of controle. Does anyone else remember the days when we had more than like 3 years in between systems? I mean these days they throw out new systems so fast that they don't have time to make amazing games for em. Sure there are a few out there now but not as many as there used to be. So basically what i'm saying is i'll be buying none of them because i refuse to pay any more money on a console when i'm gonna have to buy a new one in a year.
  6. Sony PS3 because they have a better processor than XBOX 360 and they ahve this thing called a blue ray disc htat has 40gb on it
  7. PS3 and Xbox 360, i picked PS3 because it looks sexier tho.
  8. I can't believe you based your decision on how to console looks, people like you are the reason companies like electronic arts exist, that focus strictly on sales instead of the quality of the game. If the majority of gamers were smart consumers companies would focus more on quality rather than how their shit looks. I am getting the ps3 cuz it has the best processor, best graphics card, and it will dominate microsofts and nintendos systems graphics wize and if you don't believe me look up the killzone 2 trailer. I may get nintendos "revolution" because I have always been a nintendo fan and they make quality games for their systems, and you can download classic nintendo games onto it
  9. The best one of course Ps3
  10. revolutiona and 360
  11. form ps3land.com

    How powerful will the PS3 be?
    On paper, the PS3 is 2x more powerful than the Xbox 360 and 15x more powerful than the Nintendo Revolution. It has a processing capacity of 2.18 TFLOPS, which is put into context when you realise the FASTEST computers in existence can only do 36 Terraflops. It is said to be 35x more powerful than the PlayStation 2 is.

    What do you think? :p
  12. If I was to get any of them, which I doubt I will (I hardley play enough consol games) I'd get the ps3.
  13. Why did you post this here? It is so clearly does not belong in this section of the forum.
  14. Paper doesnt mean ish! Lol, but seriously, I'd have to play each system to make a definite decision on which one to plop my hard earned money down on.
  15. the revolution is what im buying first, then a 360 after halo 3 comes out. i will never buy another fucking playstation after my ps2 craped out after 3 months. fuck you sony, and fuck your shitty little controller.
  16. that's correct, it is superior to all other systems (technology wise)

  17. It's Blu-Ray and is hold more like 50GBs.

    I will be purchasing all of the consoles. First the Xbox 360 as it comes out this november. I will then save up enough money to buy a PS3 and then The Revolution.

    I would like to add that the PS3 is going to bend bill gates over and fuck him raw without giving him a reach around. This is coming from a person who perfers Xbox over PS2... I love the Xbox. However, the Xbox 360 is just an Xbox with better graphics and a more advanced Xbox Live setup. The potential of the PS3 FAR EXCEEDS anything the Xbox 360 can handle. It's just going to take the right people to expose this truth. Which I think will come from a new franchise, company and game designer.
  18. all of them. and anyone who says a certain console needs to shut the fuck up and enjoy them all.
  19. Well we aren't going to buy all three. My husband and I are Sony whores.
  20. I cant wait to play GTA on PS3....thats going to be fun after smoking some Urcle Pulrple topped with some strawberry hash extract sprinkled with a little bit of keef off of my tommy chong mothership bong....YESSSS!!!!

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