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which name brand?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by iistayfresh, Aug 5, 2012.

  1. hi everyone i was wondering if anyone can help me decide what kind of bong i should get. i want to get a bong that is a name brand and that can hold a lot of smoke. i was looking at toro circ to circ but i dont like how the base is. i want something that has around 3 chambers and is able to hold a lot of smoke. if everyone would please put the name and a picture if possible i would highly appreciated thank you
  2. Take a look at medicali they have some really nice glass
  3. Sovereignty, good luck finding one
  4. [quote name='"hotdog32836"']Sovereignty, good luck finding one[/quote]

    Sovereignty's arn't the holy grail or anything man, not too hard to find one.
  5. illadelph or Blaze or King
  6. i live in nyc and when i went to st marks they have the no brand ones should i pay more to get a brand name or no brand?

  7. What? Brand names are naturally more expensive than no brands.
  8. a uh Louis Vuitton? aha but seriously, try and find a local glass blower and see if he will make you something creative and unique while still being super high quality
  9. i went to st marks again and i like a medicali 18"8 beaker base that i like was going for 450 or was it a 20" not to sure ,but is that price about right? and i want to spend around 100-500 can you guys put up some legit sites where i can order?
  10. Just try a headshop. Be cool with em' and they might give you a % off.
  11. Medicali FTW!

  12. i have in st marks ny but every single head shop over here over priced a lot of their items
  13. nice how much did that cost you?
  14. Sour and Goodstash are my favorite.
  15. [quote name='"iistayfresh"']

    nice how much did that cost you?[/quote]
    It was a little pricy but it was for my girlfriends birthday, about $270
  16. It was a little pricy, I got it for my girlfriends birthday, $270

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