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Which MJ state to move to?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by djdecrem2020, Aug 29, 2017.

  1. At some point in life I wish to move to a legalized state that has better MJ laws. The lifestyle itself is what I strive for.

    Which state is MJ most openly accepted, has best quality for price, relaxed MJ laws(and police) and allows patients to have a small time grow operation at home??

    Pretty much what's the BEST weed state and why? This is a big decision to move away from family friends and my life itself and I wouldn't want to regret it!

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  2. Best? Why? I can only speak for Colorado where I live and know (and helped change) the laws. I'm not up on how things work elsewhere. Hopefully others will comment who live in WA/OR/CA/DC/etc.

    Here in CO you can have a personal grow with 6 plants allowed per adult 21 and over. You can keep all you grow from that grow/successive grows legally on your property. Smoke all you want at home...but there is no legal smoking in public. You can, however, have an oz. in your possession off premises/out and about/etc.

    Price won't enter into any >>>legal<<< formula for you if your intent is to truly >just< have a personal grow. No sales are legal here...and the penalties for sales are the same here as they were before legalization. If you are in between grows/etc and are buying from the (State) dispensaries....figure roughly or just below street price + 20% tax in most areas for most products.

    The only way to make a "lifestyle" out of weed here is to badge up and get a job in the industry. (no Felonies allowed) Slightly above average pay and discounts on products is the norm for such positions....but don't expect to be on the way to bigger and better things via such jobs. It's like McDonald's with may get to wear the uniform and the dorky hat with the "Manager" tag on it...but in the end it doesn't mean you are important in the scheme of things or are irreplaceable. Far from it. The "industry" is a huge, revolving door.....

    If you think you'll move here and make money via our lax laws on the Black might...but as other states legalize the bottom is certainly going to fall out even more on prices and a long-term income is, at best, questionable in the reality of today's market.

    Overall...other than driving by the retail shops here and can't really tell anything has changed here. It's not wide open with folks strolling around toking/etc. openly...or sparking in the bars. There are no "coffee shops"... or stoner hangouts like Amsterdam has. Cops follow the they expect you to do as well. As long as that happens...there are no real worries.

    Because a lot of folks have flocked here....keep in mind that housing prices, rents, and everything else here seems to cost more than "back home'. Such costs will likely dictate your "lifestyle' here..or in any other "legal" state more than weed ever will.

    good luck.
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  3. Lifestyle?

    You mean one of ambition, success, self-reliance, honor, character, self-worth, contribution to society?

    Or something else?
  4. Northern Nevada.
    Tahoe in particular.
    Enjoy the seasons, enjoy the outdoors, enjoy growing your own.
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