Which method to maximize yield is most efficient with my set up?

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    I make sure to do a lot of research before I post but I cant seem to figure out the best method to use to maximize my yield. I have read up on the different methods (scrog, LST, fimming, topping, super cropping) and I understand each one, however I do not know which one would be the best in my case. keep in mind this is my first grow so i dont have much experience but I have read forums and watched youtube for months and got a good grasp of the basics.

    Low Stress Training- This is what im leaning towards. seems safe and easy, but in a few posts people have said that this is a better method with low wattage systems. I have (2) 600w MH/HPS so does this mean that it wouldn't be beneficial at this high of wattage?

    Topping/Fimming- I have already topped most my plants, am I still able to do LST? does this have any affect?

    Scrog/Super cropping- I have no interest in cracking the stems or getting a big screen so nevermind these.

    My goal is make as much bud as possible when i flower. So if any of you with experience under your belt could help out with giving me some insight on the best method for a larger crop I would be very thankful.


    Here is my set up. Id be willing to get 3gal pots if that would create more room and maybe i can just do a scrog then. I want to be able to fill the room with more plants but also not take away from the light penetration.

    4x8 tent
    (18) 5 gallon pots
    (2) 600w MH/HPS
    (2) 440cfm fans
    79deg @ 40%RH

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  2. thanks man for the help. I took a look at your grow and it seems you were using less powerful lights. I heard on the forums that LST was better for lower wattage grows like yours, so you did the right thing. But since i am running 2 600watt bulbs would it be better just to top and make 2-4 main dense colas? Im trying to figure out if it would be worth my time doing all this with 600w's

  3. yeah i think its coz florescent dont penetrate as deep into the canopy as HID so you get the canopy level but i think lsting with your setup would be awsome and yh that may be better 3-4 main colas with lollypopping would be great too :)

  4. im very curious about the yeilding doing it natural vs. LST. Im going to do a side by side comparison, this way i can have some hard evidence on what provides a greater yield when using a high wattage HID setup :D

  5. yeah 100% that will be good to watch are you doing it now on these?
  6. Im gonna make a trip to walmart tomorrow and start it! seems like a fun idea now that i think about it. I will take lots of pics and make a new thread tomorrow :hello:

  7. ok post the link on here n ill come for the journey :)

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